‘Avatar’ Sequels: Producer Returning To New Zealand As Production Restarts

‘Avatar’ Sequels: Producer Returning To New Zealand As Production Restarts

Production on the long-delayed “Avatar” movie sequels could be as early as next week. Producer John Landau confirmed the news on his personal Instagram account. The movie is filming multiple sequels at once, but everything was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 Shuts Down TV and Movie Sets

In March of this year, TV and movie production suddenly halted due to the coronavirus pandemic. It just wasn’t in the United States, Canada, and the UK. It happened all over the world, including New Zealand, where the “Avatar” sequels are being filmed.

It has really affected everyone. In the TV world, new episodes have run out for a lot of the shows, including soap operas. Not only that, but seasons couldn’t be completed and premieres have been postponed.

Global Health Crisis Improving

At first, everyone thought the shutdown would just be a few weeks. But here we are, nearly three months later and life still hasn’t returned to normal. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Landau gave an update to his Instagram followers on Thursday and included a photo. It is of a vessel that will be used when production starts back up again.

“Our #Avatar sets are ready — and we couldn’t be more excited to be headed back to New Zealand next week. Check out the Matador, a high speed forward command vessel (bottom) and the Picador jetboat (top) — can’t wait to share more.”

John Landau Returning To New Zealand

The “Avatar” producer confirmed he is returning to New Zealand next week. There are hopes that production can be restarted then. If not, then it should resume shortly afterward. He is really excited about getting back to work and fans are looking forward to more updates as well.


‘Avatar’ Movie Sequel Production

“Avatar” was released in 2009 and production is being done on the sequels. All four films are being worked on at once and were supposed to be completed by the end of 2020, per Highlight Hollywood. “Avatar 2” is supposed to be released on December 17, 2021 with follow-ups released in December 2023, December 2025, and December 2027.

What do you think of “Avatar” getting ready to return to filming? Are you looking forward to the world going back to normal… or a “new normal?” We will keep you updated with new developments as they become available.

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