Coronation Street spoilers: Dev Takes A Stand For His Kids – Faces Up Against The School

Coronation Street spoilers: Dev Takes A Stand For His Kids - Faces Up Against The School

ITV Coronation Street spoilers and updates hint that Dev may be on his way to help take a stand for his kids. Dev has been struggling to find a way to help his daughter, Asha, who has been going through a hard time ever since her pictures were spread around on the internet and went viral. However, things may heat up for her in upcoming episodes as Asha returns to school.

Coronation Street Spoilers- Asha Struggles After Video is Leaked

Asha will soon be returning to school in upcoming episodes of Coronation Street. During Amy’s party, things got out of hand, which results in Kelly to find out that Corey has pictures of Asha flashing him. Kelly sent these pictures around out of anger, instantly regretting her decision and actions. However, it was too late and broke her friendship with Asha beyond repair. However, it seems that things will continue to get worse over time, especially now that Asha is returning to school.

Coronation Street Spoilers- Dev Learns about a fight and Defends Kids

Asha’s nude video scandal will continue to escalate as Dev continues to try and find a way to help his daughter. He will show her an article about how to manage her reputation, which will include a company that provides advice on how to stay safe online. However, Asha will try to convince her father to move on from the situation.

However, Dev will later receive a call from the school headmaster who will tell him about the fight that Aadi will be getting into with Corey. This will cause Dev to become upset, and he will tell the headmaster that Aadi was not in the wrong and will remind her of the current situation. He will continue by saying that the school failed to protect the kids from online abuse.

It seems that Dev will try to stand up for his kids in upcoming episodes but how might it work out for him. What do you think? Will Dev find a way to help his kids as they go through this rough time? How do you think this situation will turn out, will it escalate or end? Be sure to tune in to catch up on everything happening with Corrie right now. Come back here often for Coronation Street spoilers, news, updates, and rumors!

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