General Hospital Spoilers – Why Spencer Cassadine Needs To Come Back To GH

ABC General Hospital updates and spoilers reveal that there are several reasons why Spencer Cassadine (Nicolas Bechtel) needs to come back to GH. The character debuted in 2013 and immediately wowed the socks off of viewers with his erudite ways and precocious manner. He may have been young, but he was knowledgeable, savvy, and smart enough to outthink many of the adults around him. Which of course was a blessing as well as a curse.

Now more than ever the town’s residents could use Spencer back. He has several ties to Port Charles characters, and some are in dire situations. Here are some the reasons Spencer needs to come back to GH.

GH spoilers – Spencer needs to reconcile with his father Nikolas Cassadine

Right now Spencer is estranged from his father Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma), his only living parent. For many years it was presumed Nikolas was dead and when Spencer found out he faked his death he wanted nothing to do with him.

At his age Spencer needs the guidance and love of a parent and both he and Nikolas want to reconcile. The only problem is that Spencer has a condition, that his father divorce his wife. But if he did that he loses everything. Dilemma!

General Hospital updates – Spencer needs to see his dying grandfather one last time

Mike Corbin (Max Gail) is Spencer’s maternal grandfather. He is winding down due to Alzheimer’s and his days are limited. It would be special for Mike and Spencer to be able to say goodbye and have closure.

Spencer was born in 2006, and was a miracle baby because his mother, Courtney Matthews (Alicia Leigh Willis), was told she was infertile. At the time of his birth Port Charles was going through an encephalitis outbreak and Nikolas and Courtney both contracted the illness. Courtney had a C-section to save her preemie baby, but Courtney sadly passed away.

General Hospital scoops – Spencer would be a great comfort to Sonny

Sonny will be devastated when Mike dies, already he is in a serious funk contemplating the end of his dad’s life. Sonny and Spencer have a special relationship and it would help Sonny to deal with his dead’s death if wise-beyond-his-years Spencer guided him through it.

Plus, Laura Spencer (Genie Francis), his General Hospital grandmother, would love to see Spencer, and isn’t that reason enough for the always delightful, ever brilliant Spencer to return?!

  1. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    I really miss him on GH. It would be nice to see him come back!

    1. Travoice Marshall says

      I hope he never forgives Nikolas! Or on second thought, he may pretend to forgive his back-stabbing father then poison him in his sleep!

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