General Hospital Spoilers: William Lipton (Cam Weber) Talks His Relationship With His On-Screen Parents

General Hospital Spoilers: William Lipton (Cam Weber) Talks His Relationship With His On-Screen Parents

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the warm family bond viewers see onscreen between Cam Webber (William Lipton) and his parents is the real deal. Cam is the son of Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and the step-son of Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth).

This trio has been to the moon and back in terms of drama and angst, as well as joy and happiness and according to Lipton there’s a good reason for their onscreen chemistry.

General Hospital spoilers – William Lipton has a close bond offscreen with his onscreen parents

Speaking to Soap Opera Digest, the young actor credits the genuineness of the family’s scenes to his fellow actors. “I think what has made the chemistry on-screen so easy and natural is that she is also a mother herself,” he says of Herbst.

To hear Lipton tell it, Herbst is the perfect colleague. “She has always been super-compassionate and kind to me.”

He also speaks highly of his onscreen dad, Roger Howarth.

General Hospital spoilers – Roger Howarth and Rebecca Herbst have made acting a dream job for William Lipton

“Roger is also a parent in real life and our chemistry is very natural,” said Lipton. GH viewers will never forget the memorable scenes in which Franco took the place of Cam when evildoers were trying to mess with his brain.

The scenes were touching and poignant as Franco sacrificed himself so that Cam could go free. Franco ended up in a scary place, with another man’s memories implanted in his brain.

In the end the procedure was reversed, and Franco was largely redeemed after his huge sacrifice for Liz’s son. Cam and Franco forged a new and better bond, and it’s easy to see how the sincerity that transpired onscreen was inspired by the actor’s relationship offscreen.

General Hospital spoilers – What’s next for Cam Webber on GH?

Lipton also recalled his first crying scene, and that Herbst and Howarth, “were so kind before the scene happened.” In particular Herbst got him, “to that point emotional point and she cared so much about me doing the best I could. I really appreciate that.”

So what’s next for erstwhile teen Cam Webber on GH? The show is currently on a hiatus due to the coronavirus and is now showing encore episodes. Before the show stopped airing new content, Cam was in the thick of a potential romance with Joss Jacks (Eden McCoy).

Be sure to catch the latest with Cam and Joss when the show returns!

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