Survivor Spoilers: Jeff Probst Teases Season 41 Of CBS Show Could Be An All-Teen Survivor?

Survivor Spoilers: Jeff Probst Teases Season 41 Of CBS Show Could Be An All-Teen Survivor?

At the end of every season finale, Survivor host Jeff Probst teases what fans can expect from the upcoming season. The end of last Wednesday’s three-hour season finale was no exception, despite COVID-19 restrictions on filming.

Probst’s delivered a shelter-in-place reading of the vote and tantalized viewers with what to expect for the next season.

Will there be an all-teen Season 41 of Survivor?

“Let’s talk about our 41st season,” Probst said. “Normally we show you a cool promo, but for obvious reasons we haven’t been able to shoot.” Like most other television shows, Survivor has halted production due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic shutdown mandates.

Survivor’s 41st season was due to start filming in Fiji in March, but the shoot has been postponed. This is what made Probst’s next statement especially intriguing: “We’re always trying to explore and evolve the show and take chances and we’re gonna do that. We’re committed to being on in the fall with our 41st season, which means you should apply, especially if you’re young. I’m talking teenagers — 16, 17, 18, 19. Do it. Cool parents and a cool school? Who knows. It could happen.”

Was Probst serious about a new fall season of Survivor?

Speculation went sky high about what Probst really meant. Was he saying that an all-teen lineup is planned for fall? And, where would it be filmed if filming were to take place? Some began to speculate that it would have to be in the U.S. due to travel restrictions. In other words, Probst’s words produced more questions than answers.

Despite what Probst said on Wednesday, not everyone is convinced that the show could pull off a fall season quickly or easily.

And, if you go to the audition site it says that Survivor 43 will be taping in 2021 in May and June. Maybe teens who apply now will be selected for a later date?

Jeff Probst created more questions than answers

Following Probst’s proclamation, even more, speculation arose around using adolescents in the show, with some comparing such a Survivor show to MTV’s show, The Real World.

So, back to reality, it’s true that the predicted premiere date of Season 41 is September 23, 2020, a mere four months away. Probst appeared sincere when he said the show is committed to airing a new fall season. By some accounts, the show would need to begin filming in July in order to be ready for a September airdate. Will it happen—tell us what you think!

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