General Hospital News Update: Kirsten Storms’ Daughter Harper Has The Best Doll Clothes!

General Hospital News Update: Kirsten Storms’ Daughter Harper Has The Best Doll Clothes!

General Hospital updates reveal that lockdown is bringing out the craftiness in Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) and you will die when you see the adorable projects she’s doing now.

GH fans know that Storms and fellow co-star Emme Rylan (Lulu Spencer) have collaborated for some time now on a crochet site they share with fans.

But this new outgrowth of Storms’ is something entirely different and definitely one you’ll want to try for yourself.

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Storms shared her latest designer creations on her Insta with one pic showing a stuffie sporting a tiny colorful sweater crocheted in a yellow and green variegated yarn—with a button even!

She captioned the cute pic, “Spends too long in quarantine…starts crocheting sweaters for daughter’s stuffed animals.”

General Hospital spoilers – Kirsten Storms’ creativity knows no bounds

But Kirsten didn’t stop there, she took her ingenuity one step further and sewed up a cute Barbie dress with scary attention to detail. In the Insta pic, Barbie is causally lounging against Kirsten’s sewing machine, swathed in a strapless, perfectly fitted blue and pink summer dress with pleats that accentuate her tiny waist. Really!

She captioned it, “Boom. Harper wanted more dresses for her Barbies and since we aren’t going out to get doll clothes…. I figured it out.”

Her fans loved the posts with one saying, “My girls been begging to make Barbie clothes and this is a total inspiration. Thank you!”

Another reminisced, “Reminds me of all the doll clothes my mom made me when I was little. I had no idea we were poor. My barbie’s had the best wardrobe on the block.”

Even Kirsten’s mom chimed in saying, “OMG…. think that reminds me of when you girls were little …”

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If Storms’ ever decides to take her talents to the next level, she’d be a cinch as a doll clothes designer. I have no doubt that her daughter Harper has the best doll wardrobe on the block.

So, what’s next for Storms’ character Maxie on GH? For now, the show is on hiatus but when it returns chances are she will have to reckon with her boyfriend’s sinister ways. Will Maxie be the one to figure out what sister Peter August has been up?

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