General Hospital Spoilers: GH Teens Cameron, Trina, Dev and Joss Embark On An Emotional Roller Coaster

General Hospital Spoilers: GH Teens Cameron, Trina, Dev and Joss Embark On An Emotional Roller Coaster

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease that the GH teens are about to embark on a sizzling emotional roller coaster ride as the feelings between Cam Webber (William Lipton), Trina Robison (Sydney Mikayla) and Joss Jacks (Eden McCoy) begin to bubble to the surface.

Thus far this group of teens has dealt with things most kids their age will never encounter. This includes getting caught in mob warfare, the death of a boyfriend, sneaking off to another country where you live a secret identity, having someone else’s memory chip almost implanted in your head, and seeing your dad die a gruesome death.

These teens could use a little less drama and a lot more age-appropriate activities. Which it looks like its about to happen as the summer heats up.

General Hospital spoilers – The Port Charles teens encounter a love triangle?

The teens have been so busy dealing with adult-generated problems that they haven’t had time to be kids. It looks like the heavier drama could be falling aside for now which would give them room to breathe and do what why should be doing, going to school, going on dates, and falling in love.

But will this natural order of things be complicated by submerged feelings, a lack of feelings, and an abundance of feelings?

Things came to a head in the park when Josslyn thought Cameron and Trina didn’t want her to tag along to their ultimate frisbee event.

Joss suggested they do something, but Cam and Trina say they have plans to play ultimate frisbee. Joss wanted to tag along but Cam gets flustered leaving Joss to think that they don’t want her coming along.

They assured her it was fine, and after a while, she believed it. Until Dev Corbin (Ashton Arbab) told her otherwise.

Once Trina and Cam left Joss wondered aloud what the fuss was about. Dev tells her that Cam is into her. Joss can’t wrap her mind around that and wonders what to do next. Dev says nothing needs to be done, Cam understands they’re just friends.

General Hospital spoilers – How will Josslyn react to Cam’s affection?

But when Dev told her that Cameron liked her she was dumbfounded. She told Dev they knew each other their whole lives as if that fact alone neutralized and possible feelings of like.

Dev set her straight and Josslyn was shocked. There was a boy who wasn’t Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) who actually liked her?

General Hospital spoilers – At the same time Trina and Cam were growing closer

What they didn’t know is that General Hospital Cam and Trina are growing closer. We see turbulence ahead fans, how will this possible complicated love triangle shake out?

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