General Hospital Spoilers: Nicolas Bechtel Has Something To Celebrate!

General Hospital Spoilers: Nicolas Bechtel Has Something To Celebrate!

ABC General Hospital spoilers and updates reveal that Nicolas Bechtel (Spencer Cassadine) has huge news to spill, and he’s not about to keep it a secret!

He’s just tweeted some very exciting news that millions of his fans are sure to relate to: His big sister is graduating high school!

The GH sweetheart tweeted this, “Tomorrow my sister graduates from HS 🎓 It’s been a crazy year but I am so proud of her 🎓.”

General Hospital spoilers – Nicolas Bechtel is super proud of his sister

His sister is absolutely lovely and it’s easy to see the family resemblance! He posted a pic of the brown-eyed brunette and she’s wearing a white graduation cap with a tassel and the year 2020 hangs from a gold medallion.

Of course, his GH fans were quick to add their congrats with one fan writing, “Good for you, Nicky! I’m so happy you’re her brother!,” and another saying, “Congratulations and Happy Graduation to her!”

General Hospital spoilers – Nicolas Bechtel is a super talented actor

It takes just one look at Nicolas’ tweets to see that life in the Bechtel house sounds super fun and warm. In addition to tweeting about his sister, he’s also tweeted about his dad noting, “my mom wants an outdoor kitchen. my dad came home with a new bbq. I can’t help this guy anymore.”

He followed it up with, “update: my dad made dinner 2x on the bbq so I think he’s out of the dog house. also, my mom is not getting an outdoor kitchen. according to my dad, she doesn’t need 2 kitchens.”

Then he let us know, “for the record: I love my dad. he puts up with a lot.”

General Hospital spoilers – What’s next for Spencer Cassadine in Port Charles?

The show is now on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic but before it left off with airing new episodes, Spencer was in the middle of a red-hot plot.

It seems he’s come around to trying to make peace with his dad General Hospital Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) who had the poor kid thinking he was dead for years. Can you imagine your parent doing that to you? rightfully so Spencer was incensed and refused to have anything to do with his dad.

However, he recently made a peace offering, saying that he would forgive him and let him back in his life if he left his wife. Thus far Nikolas doesn’t want to because it would be losing big time via the prenup!

Tell us what you think Spencer should do next!

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  1. Deb says

    Spencer needs to grow up and respect his dad. Act like a kid who loves his dad and go home. Understand a bit that this brat is not an adult – YET!

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