The Good Doctor Jasika Nicole Used As Prop To Push Other Character Narratives? Actress Speaks Out

The Good Doctor Jasika Nicole Used As Prop To Push Other Character Narratives? Actress Speaks Out

The Good Doctor season 4 will not include Jasika Nicole, who portrayed Dr. Carly Lever. Finally speaking out about her unexpected exit from the show, how does she really feel about being written out? The actress says she feels the show just used her as a prop in order to push white characters’ narratives. Keep reading to find out more.

Dr. Shaun Murphy’s Romance

Since the television series began, we have watched Dr. Shaun Murphy’s (Freddie Highmore) journey as an autistic savant doctor. He struggled to have a career, deal with professional workplace relationships, and even explored romance. One love interest, in the beginning, was Lea Dillalo (Paige Spara). However, that romance would not take off until The Good Doctor season 3 finale. Prior to that, Shaun was in a relationship with Carly.

Fans were fascinated by how the show featured Shaun’s challenges in a relationship. As we saw, he had a lot to learn about communication, acceptable behavior with other women, how to read non-verbal cues, and there were some intimacy issues.

Dr. Carly Lever On The Good Doctor

Fans were divided on Shaun and Carly’s romance. Some loved them together and we have to admit, Carly was pretty darn patient. She tried to get creative and come up with ideas to help Shaun as they worked to overcome their issues.

However, there were others who didn’t care for Carly. Her character’s personality was painted as someone who was incredibly jealous, controlling, and perhaps a bit “crazy in love.”

The Good Doctor Drops Core Cast Member

At the end of season 3, fans watched to see if anything would develop from the obvious feelings Shaun and Lea had for each other. Eventually, Carly broke up with Shaun and told him to go after Lea. The pathologist admitted that she couldn’t compete with Shaun and Lea’s connection. Then, we saw as Shaun and Lea admitted their true feelings to one another — and themselves.

Unfortunately, it was later announced that Carly would not appear in The Good Doctor season 4. She was written out of the show once her romance with Shaun ended. The actress explained on Twitter that Carly could have storylines outside of her dating Shaun, so it wasn’t necessary to completely drop her.

Jasika Nicole Speaks Out

So, how does the actress really feel about her being suddenly dropped from the show? On Twitter, Jasika Nicole opened up about the situation. She wrote,

“… it feels like I was just used (once again, I’m sensing a trend) as a prop to push forward the other white characters’ narratives.”

In another social media post, Jasika indicated that black actors, including herself, are “expendable.”

“… I am disappointed that my experiences have fallen in line with those of many other black actors who have been invited to shows with much fanfare only to find out that they were actually expendable.”

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