Who was General Hospital Connor Bishop (Tyler Christopher)?

Who was General Hospital Connor Bishop (Tyler Christopher)?

ABC General Hospital spoilers and updates tease that some fans might have been thinking they were seeing double on a recent flashback episode, but we’re here to set the record straight. That really was Tyler Christopher you saw, but he wasn’t playing only the familiar role of Nikolas Cassadine that we have come to know and love.

No need to adjust your television, let’s find out who Tyler was playing other than Prince Nik.

General Hospital spoilers – Connor Bishop had a grudge against Nikolas Cassadine

Connor Bishop was a Nikolas doppelganger and he appeared from 2004-2005. Tyler played both roles, that of Connor and Nikolas.

Connor Bishop had a serious chip on his shoulder when he traveled to Port Charles in order to get revenge on Nikolas Cassadine. It seems that in a very convoluted storyline, Connor blamed Nikolas for the death of his wife, Mary. Why?

General Hospital spoilers – Why did Jake blame Nikolas for the death of his wife?

This was because Mary helped out Nikolas at a time when he had amnesia. When Mary found a dead ringer for her husband, she decided to help Nik by caring for him, telling him that he was her husband—no doubt she had the pics to “prove” it!

Apparently, Connor died while in the military. As it usually does, the truth came out and Mary didn’t handle it well at all. Mary went psycho and then she went ballistic.

General Hospital spoilers – Mary Bishop lost it when she discovered she had two “husbands”

In the end, she was deranged and her death was a result of the trauma she endured. To even things up, Connor kidnapped Nikolas’ loved one Emily Quartermaine (Natalia Livingston) to see how he liked being duped and trumped.

He eventually relented and released the woman but he continued to hate Nikolas. When he saw Nik throw his grandma over a cliff, he used it to blackmail his foe.

General Hospital spoilers – Connor impersonated Nik at one point

Later, Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) hatched a plot with Emily that involved Connor impersonating Nik. It did not go well. The upshot was that Connor fell for Emily and ended up attacking her. In the end Emily tried to escape and Connor confronted her with a gun. They wrestled over the gun, and she was able to get hold of it. In self-defense she shot Connor and he died a dishonorable death.

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