General Hospital Spoilers: James Patrick Stuart is Impressed by Scarlett Fernandez

General Hospital Spoilers: James Patrick Stuart is Impressed by Scarlett Fernandez

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Scarlett Fernandez, who plays Charlotte Cassadine, is having a big impression on her onscreen dad, James Patrick Stuart (Valentin Cassadine).

Scarlett debuted four years ago and in that time has matured as a person and grown considerably as an actress according to Stuart.

“She’s becoming a little lady,” he said of his onscreen daughter with obvious pride.

He recently spoke to Soap Opera Digest and highlighted one scene in particular that amazed him.

General Hospital spoilers – James Patrick Stuart is impressed by Scarlett Fernandez

Stuart has years of soap experience under his belt and you would think that there would be little left to awe him—not the case! He knows talent when he sees it and he sees talent and skill in Fernandez more and more every day.

In particular, these two had reached a gut-wrenching point in their storyline when Valentin thought it would be best to exit his daughter’s life for her own good.

It came after Charlotte decided to put a snake in Ava Jerome’s (Maura West) purse.

General Hospital spoilers – Charlotte Cassadine is becoming a bit too much like her dad

When Valentin asked Charlotte about it, she said she learned her revenge tactics from him! He was appalled. Then she reminded him how he had thrown Ava overboard in anger and he nearly lost it.

Working in soaps he said, “you find a lot that the scenes that you least think you’re able to do end up being the most satisfying.”

That was true for the scene in which he discovered the damaging effect he was having on his daughter and decided to give up his fight for custody.

General Hospital spoilers – What happens next in Port Charles?

He says that Scarlett was awesome in those emotionally wrenching scenes. “That moment where she put her hand on my cheek when Valentin was being arrested, that was her choice, and it just wrecked me.”

“It was just such a cool, grown-up choice that she made.”

Overall he said Scarlett is making more mature acting choices and he’s waiting for the day when she decides she wants to stay in the scene instead of being sent to her room or for ice cream while the grown up’s talk.

When the show returns after hiatus, will we see an even more polished and mature Charlotte in Port Charles? Be sure to tune in and find out!

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