He’s Such a Groovy Guy – Prince Harry ‘Totally Connects’ With Neice & Nephews Through Popular Kid’s Cartoon

He's Such a Groovy Guy - Prince Harry 'Totally Connects' With Neice & Nephews Through Popular Kid's Cartoon

Apparently, Prince Harry is a lover of cartoons. Specifically, Harry is all in for Thomas the Tank Engine, a British cartoon character created by the Reverend Wilbert Awdry and his son, Christopher. The Thomas the Tank Engine character first appeared in a series of children’s books published in 1945. In any case, Prince Harry is reported to have been crazy about the character as a child and was seen wearing clothes that sported its image. Now, Prince Harry’s niece and nephews, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are evidently joining in the fun!

Royal insiders have dished to British tabloids that Prince Louis, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte have all developed an incredible affection for Thomas the Tank Engine, as well as other British shows American kids have also come to love, such as the famous “Peppa Pig.” Of course, no one has exactly shown how this “connection” between Harry and the children of his brother, Prince William and Kate Middleton plays itself out. After all, Prince Harry is living in Los Angeles whilst little Prince George, Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte remain in lockdown with their parents in the U.K.

Obviously, it’s a little sentimental tug at the masses heartstrings as there’s really nothing more to the story than the fact that Prince Harry and the Cambridge kids share a love for a specific cartoon character. No one has suggested that Harry set up Zoom dates with his brother’s kids in order to watch Thomas the Tank Engine with them. No one has suggested even that Prince Harry sits around in his dad pajamas and watches Thomas the Tank Engine or Peppa Pig, or any cartoons at all with his own son, little Prince Archie!

Really, if British tabloids wanted to show that Prince Harry has some kind of awesome relationship with Prince William’s kids (and perhaps he actually does), they could have discussed how he actually interacts with them. When Prince Harry was still in the U.K. with Meghan and the two were still senior Royals … did Harry and Meghan ever offer to watch the Cambridge kids so Prince William and Kate Middleton could go have a date night? Are there videos, photos, or anecdotes by family or friends on how Prince Harry spent time with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, or Prince Louis and played with them? Did he put on puppet shows, makes their stuffed animals dance, or conduct a tea party with Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis?

Besides sending money their way, or striving to spend thousands of pounds on a first edition book set for an occasion like a Christening, has Harry ever actually done anything fun with William’s kids? Has Harry played tag with them? Has Harry run through Anmer Hall in a mad dash during a game of Hide-and-Seek?

These are the sorts of things that might cast Prince Harry in the role of a doting uncle. Simply suggesting that Prince Harry shares the same love for a cartoon character like Thomas the Tank Engine with the Cambridge kids? Not so much.

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