Is Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Son Archie Nearly Walking While He Enjoys The California Sunshine?

Is Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Son Archie Nearly Walking While He Enjoys The California Sunshine?

A baby’s first steps are a joyous occasion for parents, especially first-time parents like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Although we haven’t seen many pics of the little tyke, human development is pretty consistent so it’s a safe bet that Archie should be walking right about now!

And that’s the opinion of one royal watcher, Katie Nicholl. She has followed the family since it was just Harry and Meghan, to the birth of Archie, and as they jetted off to North America.

One royal watcher is predicting that Archie is at the point of a huge milestone

Harry and Meghan are keeping a relatively low profile in L.A., staying at the $18 million home of Tyler Perry. It’s also been reported that Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland is also living there.

Talking with Entertainment Tonight Nicholl observed that she thinks Archie, “is just about walking. He’s a very happy little boy, he’s loving life in L.A.”

She added that the couple has been, “loving family time,” and that, “they both feel very grateful for that time they’ve had at home with Archie, watching him achieve all of those milestones.”

Where will Harry and Meghan and Archie and Doria eventually settle down?

Tyler Perry’s megamansion is a well-fortified citadel on top of a hill. After moving in, security fences were added to the perimeter of the yard. While it is no doubt a dream house, they will want to settle into their own domicile at some point one suspects.

According to Nicholl, the pair haven’t quite found there, “forever home” just yet. Until they do, she says that they will sit tight at Tyler Perry’s crib.

Meghan has revealed some information about Archie and learning to walk

Three months ago Meghan herself told how Archie was, “trying to walk.” She revealed the tidbit in March during one of her final royal engagements. The visit took place at a school and afterward Harry and Meghan stepped back from The Firm.

The revelation came after one fan asked Meghan about Archie. She spilled, “I just had to ask her about the baby. She said to me, ‘He’s exactly ten months today and he’s started trying to walk.’”

Little Archie turned one year old in May

Meghan’s best friend makeup artist Daniel Martin also spilled some deets about the little guy back in May. He told People magazine that he was a part of a, “fun Zoom call,” that was in honor of Archie’s first birthday.

Daniel added that he has been checking in with the pair, saying, “Since we haven’t been seeing each other, everyone has been making a conscious effort to check-in, so it’s nice.”

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