Prince Archie in Lockdown: Toddler’s Social Life is “Dead”, Meghan Fears

Prince Archie in Lockdown: Toddler's Social Life is "Dead", Meghan Fears

Poor Prince Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is having to battle boredom amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, with always being all dressed up with nowhere to go, reports from insiders indicate that Meghan Markle is beside herself with worry. That’s due to the fact that Prince Archie apparently only has Meghan Markle’s mother Doria Ragland, Prince Harry, and herself to interact within the immensity of their borrowed 8-bedroom, 12-bathroom mansion in Los Angeles. (Well, Archie also has a couple of pet dogs with whom he apparently converses.)

With Prince Archie amusing himself behind the sofa, it’s likely that Meghan and perhaps even Prince Harry may fear for his intellectual development. After all, there don’t seem to be many other children coming over for what could be amazing bouts of “sit and drool.”

That’s why “insiders” report that Meghan Markle wants to take herself and Archie off somewhere else where her child can learn emotional and social skills by being around other toddlers. One wonders what Meghan would do when someone else’s kid knocks Archie down, bites him, hits him, takes away his pacifier, and stuffs Archie’s mouth his or her own, yanks his sippy cup and starts slurping down Archie’s water … and more.

Of course, none of that will happen because Meghan Markle’s friends have reportedly dished that the prima donna doesn’t believe that it would ever be remotely possible for her to attend a “mommy-meetup” due to “who she is.” Wait … does that mean Meghan can’t go to a regular parents meetup because she’s a celebrity or because she’s now married to Prince Harry? Doesn’t Meghan have just about the most expensive security money can buy?

True, a lot of people would probably be averse to befriending Meghan Markle these days, and with good reason. There are many people who won’t forget how Meghan has ditched people like Jessica Mulroney because … “image.” Not many people appreciate backstabbing, disloyal friends like Meghan Markle who throw those they supposedly care about under the bus at the sight of a media headline.

Moreover, everyone might be scared of some kind of lawsuit from Meghan. After all, if someone’s kid did shove Prince Archie and His Royal Babyness squashed a poop-filled diaper against his rear and started to wail … well … who wants to hear from Meghan’s lawyers? Therefore, it’s probably quite true that Meghan won’t be able to find a mommy group that would be overly enthusiastic about having her join.

Sadly then, Prince Archie will be spending all his time with dear old Mum, Dad, Grandma, and the dogs. The Coronavirus may indeed be the cause of the Zombie apocalypse as the brains of little Archie (and toddlers everywhere) melt due to lack of use. Indeed, Meghan might be right to be afraid. Archie’s emotional and social skills might be permanently stunted if the lockdowns gripping the planet continue much longer.

As well, and as a last note, Meghan’s report also suggested that she can’t do all these normal parenting things “because of who she is.” Yet, it wasn’t that long ago that she and Harry were telling Jane Goodall they wanted a more normal life.

So much for Harry and Meghan putting words into action then, eh?

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