The 100 Prequel Spoilers: What Is The Title? Plus, Time Period, Cast, and Characters

The 100 Prequel Spoilers: What Is The Title? Plus, Time Period, Cast, and Characters

The 100 fans are hoping for some new information on if The CW is going to pick up the spin-off, which is teased to be more like a prequel. Plans were teased last fall and while a lot still is under wraps or undecided, we do have some information. Keep reading to find out everything known so far.

Anaconda Is Not The Title

According to TV Line, there is no title for the spin-off yet. There was some confusion because it was reported that it would be called “Anaconda.” But Rothenberg explained that it would not be the show’s title. TV Guide reported that fans seem to like The Second Dawn and Praimfaya.

The 100 Prequel: Time Period

During the series finale, the backdoor pilot aired and gave a few hints on what fans might expect from the spin-off. For one thing, it is set 97 years in the past. That means we will learn what had to be done in the name of survival — and we aren’t just talking about the end of the world.

Casting and Characters

In the backdoor pilot, we saw Becca (Erica Cerra) come back to Earth. There was also the formation of the very first Nightbloods, the uprising of The Second Dawn survivors, and their altered blood allowing them to survive the radiation-flooded landscape.

As for what new faces we could see, Deadline wrote that Iola Evans plays Callie, who is whip-smart, passionate, and rebellious. She has devoted her life to the causes she believes in. However, this sometimes conflicts with others’ expectations. Following the devastating effects of the apocalypse, Callie begins searching for a new purpose.

Reese will be portrayed by Adain Bradley. The character is Callie’s brother, who has spent his entire life competing with her. Reese is stubborn and a hard worker.

Leo Howard will play August, who is a passionate musician with a rebellious streak. He belongs to a radical environmentalist group, but feels lost after the apocalypse. All that time and energy trying to save the environment, but it ended up being destroyed anyway.

Jason Rothenberg Teases The 100 Spin-Off

Rothenberg spoke to TV Guide and confirmed there would be a lot of flashbacks. We will see Reese and Callie’s father, Bill Cadogan (John Pyper-Ferguson). We will also be introduced to Clarke Griffin’s (Eliza Taylor) great, great grandparents. We will post new developments and updated information when it becomes available.

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