The Blacklist News Update: When Will Filming Begin? Will Season 8 Premiere On Time?

The Blacklist News Update: When Will Filming Begin? Will Season 8 Premiere On Time?

The Blacklist was renewed for season 8, but with the pandemic still being an issue across the country, when will it begin filming? Could it be delayed and if so, will the premiere air on time? There is a new report from Deadline that gives us a few answers. Keep reading to find out more.

Productions Set Target Dates

COVID-19 shut down production on all TV and movies back in March 2020. In June, there was talk about how everyone could get back to work and do it safely. One scripted production, The Bold and the Beautiful, went back to work immediately and started shooting in late June. However, most are either just getting started as of late July, have set dates further down the road, or are waiting to get the green light.

Productions just can’t get started because they want to — they have to get approved by officials, the health department, and actor unions (in addition to state, county, and city officials). However, all the dates that productions set to resume production are tentative because we are in such a fluid situation.

The Blacklist Film Targeted For August 2020

What does this mean for The Blacklist? Well, Deadline reported that production is hoping to kick off August 2020. The TV show films in New York and while it does look possible, we are looking at what’s happening with productions in Los Angeles as a guide. Once L.A. opened back up, COVID-19 rates started skyrocketing again.

Delays Are Possible

Even though there is a tentative filming date, delays are always possible. General Hospital was supposed to begin shooting today, but that has been canceled because officials don’t feel that it’s safe yet. A similar situation could happen with The Blacklist. It really is just a wait-and-see situation.

Will Season 8 Premiere on Time?

There is a pretty good chance that we will see delays in The Blacklist season 8 premiere. Not only is it based on when the show can start shooting, but COVID-19 safety protocols increase costs by an estimated 20%. Plus, it slows production, so it’s going to take longer for the episodes to be ready for broadcast.

New York productions have been shut down for four months. TV shows are starting to get the green light to get back to work. However, we will just have to keep a close eye on the situation to see what happens. As always, we will keep you posted with new developments and updated information as it becomes available.

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