3 Reasons Why ‘General Hospital’ Jason Morgan’s Life Will Never Again Be The Same

3 Reasons Why 'General Hospital' Jason Morgan’s Life Will Never Again Be The Same

ABC General Hospital spoilers tease the jaw-dropping reality that when Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) wakes up his life will never again be the same. He is unconscious in a hospital bed after wiping out on his motorcycle and it doesn’t look good. During a stunning Friday Cliffhanger, his doctor told his loved ones that Jason may be left with a massive head injury, if and when he wakes up.

We think he will eventually come to because we can’t imagine GH without him! But we also think that there’s a good possibility that all will not be the same for Jason or his family.

Here are three reasons why Jason might not be Jason when he wakes up.

#1 What if Jason Morgan dies?

Jason 1.0 became Jason 2.0 after a terrible car crash, which has eerie echos to his motorcycle crash. His drunk brother crashed their car at a time when Jason Quartermaine was on track to be a fabulous doctor just like his parents. Afterward, he had amnesia and took a career downgrade by becoming a mob enforcer for Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). What if Jason 2.0 “dies” when he can’t remember who he is?

#2 Will Jason Morgan wake up as Jason Quartermaine?

It would be a stunning reversal of fortune, and quite ironic if Jason’s knock on the noggin causes his old persona to return. Are we about to see Jason Quartermaine, star stud of the Q family, come back to the clan? If so it’s goodbye black leather jacket and hello white doctor scrubs! Nothing would please Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) more.

#3 What if Jason enters the witness protection program to protect his family?

Jason wiped out for a reason and it’s not because he’s a terrible rider. There are wild rumors swirling that would make your head spin about why he wrecked and none of them are good. Did Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) vandalize with his bike in a bid to kill him? Or did Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor) tamper with the machine for some malicious reason? If one of these things happened then Jason is not safe in Port Charles. And if Jason is not safe his family isn’t either. Which could make him realize that he needs to scram ASAP to keep his loved ones from harm.

Is Jason about to enter the witness protection program and gain a new identity in a bid to keep anything worse from happening to those he loves and cares about?

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