‘Alaskan Bear People’ Bear Brown Calls Out Someone He Says Has Repeatedly Mocked and Disrespected His Ill Dad

'Alaskan Bear People' Bear Brown Calls Out Someone He Says Has Repeatedly Mocked and Disrespected His Ill Dad

Alaskan Bush People spoilers show that one family member is not pleased with how one media person is depicting his clan. In response, Bear Brown took to social media and ranted and vented about his feelings, in a move to stick up for his maligned family.

Recently Bear went on Instagram and aired his pent up feelings about his anger over a reporter who he thinks has it out for the famous family.

Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown Calls Out ‘Two-Faced Snake’

He began in this manner: “There’s something I’d like to say, something that has been bothering me, I don’t like to talk bad about people, but when I see an injustice I have to speak out!”

From the very beginning, it was clear that Bear had something heavy on his mind and was going to let loose.

In fact, Bear did just that, as he tried to describe what has set him off in the first place. “My favorite quote is, the only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is for good people to do nothing!!! So I must say, that I’m not sure when it becomes acceptable to mock and make fun of and to laugh at sick people, this guy has put out a lot of supposed reviews that mock my family and way of life, that alone would be one thing, but this guy takes it once step further, to the point of being sick!”

'Alaskan Bear People' Bear Brown Calls Out Someone He Says Has Repeatedly Mocked and Disrespected His Ill Dad

Who is Bear talking about in his online rant?

Bear revealed the name of the person who is the source of his unhappiness. He also went on to say that this individual allegedly made fun of Billy Brown’s ongoing health and seizures, even after the two met for an interview.

Bear continued, “He makes fun of my dad’s seizures and that is disturbing! Anyone who has a loved one close to them with seizures knows it’s no laughing matter! Anyone with a son, or daughter, brother, mother, dad, or ANYONE! That has seizures knows there is NOTHING funny about it! It’s scary! And everyone who knows someone with seizures, also knows it makes you feel helpless and every time it makes you wonder if they will live through it! It’s violent and scary!”

It is very hard to take exception to what Bear is saying. Should anyone ever make fun of another person’s suffering? He went on to say, “Not something that should be made fun of! And something that makes it even worse is, I remember this same guy, once interviewed my dad over the phone and he was all yes sir, no sir, I hope your family pulls though! I’ll be praying for you! Then the two-faced (sic) snake! Go’s around and mocks my dad’s sickness! Things like that should not be allowed!”

It’s very clear that Bear is not only mad but he has a right to be upset if someone is making fun of a family member, particularly one that deserves compassion, not mocking.

What do you think of this ongoing situation Alaskan Bush People fans?

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