‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown On The Offensive Over His Reputation As New Season Looms Large

'Alaskan Bush People': Bear Brown On The Offensive Over His Reputation As New Season Looms Large

Alaskan Bush People debuts a new season premiere in August, but is Bear Brown doing some spin control on his image ahead of the premiere?

The Discovery Channel show returns this month and some fans are questioning Bear’s behavior. Even his baby momma, Raiven Adams, is getting in on the action.

Bear Brown’s baby momma is in a custody fight with him

Bear broke the family mold when he began his own family. Unlike his siblings, he didn’t go the conventional route with marriage and in fact, he is in a turbulent custody battle over his son. All of this drama is in contrast to the chill ways of his own parents.

Moreover, Bear is returning to the show with some unwelcome paternity drama that is sure to rock the boat and cause his parents distress.

On Alaskan Bush People Bear Brown is veering from the family script

Specifically, Bear has yet to make contact with his new son. According to him, it is down to the coronavirus pandemic. Bear has stated that he has not wanted to be around the little one because of the dangers of the virus. What he says is not all that controversial as the whole world has been on lockdown and loved ones everywhere have had to forego spending time with one another.

But in Bear’s case, he and his ex have been going at it as well. Complicating visitation may be the fact that the baby’s mom has accused him of a bunch of things, none of them child-friendly.

How will Bear Brown react to the accusations flung against him?

For instance, Raiven has accused Bear of drug use, to which he posted the results of a clean drug test in response. Fans were quick to note that allegations of drug use came after the baby was born and once the custody fight started.

Bear Brown posted a clean drug test after accusations of drug use

All of this turmoil is a bit surprising given that Bear absolutely adored Raiven in the beginning. So, will viewers see Raiven at all when the new season of Alaskan Bush People debuts? And, will fan see little River? It will be interesting to see how the show handles the controversy. The clan isn’t big about talking over their problems on the air, but it would seem that Bear’s erm, complicated life situation, will have to be addressed in one way or another.

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