‘Alaskan Bush People’: Brown Family Shares Latest Update on Washington Wildfires

'Alaskan Bush People': Brown Family Shares Latest Update on Washington Wildfires

Alaskan Bush People season 12 just premiered this week on the Discovery Channel. However, the drama on the show is nothing compared to what they are going through right now. The Brown family have shared updates on the wildfires that are raging in Washington. Keep reading to find out all the latest information.

Washington Wildfires

On August 18, a wildfire broke out near where the Brown family has placed their new roots. The family members are all safe. However, the last update from the Discovery Channel series says that the wildfires are still raging.

On Instagram, some of the cast members filmed a video clip and posted it to the social networking site. The family assured everyone they had been evacuated and were safe. They also said that they were doing well while the wildfires raged through Okanogan County.

Alaskan Bush People: Brown Family Shares Updates

In the video footage that was posted on Instagram, Noah Brown explained that there was a “massive wildfire” on Palmer Mountain. Bear Brown added that everyone made it out safely and they are all doing well.

Brown Family Thank Firefighters

Then, the Brown siblings took the time to express their gratitude to the first responders that are working to put out the fire. Snowbird said,

“We’d also like to just thank all the first responders and the firefighters that are working hard to put out the fire and save everybody’s home.”

Noah’s wife, Rhain Alisha thanked firefighters. Noah asked that everyone reach out and find out what everyone needs, then do what they can. Bear posted on Instagram earlier this week that he is currently staying in a hotel, but is thankful for good friends. Rain Brown added,

“Our hearts and prayers are with everybody going through times like these with us. Make sure you reach out and do what you can where you can.”

'Alaskan Bush People': Brown Family Shares Latest Update on Washington Wildfires

The Palmer Fire

According to People, the Palmer Fire began on August 18 and quickly spread north with “extreme fire behavior.” It moved north and then the afternoon’s shifting winds sent the flames east. The National Wildfire Coordinating Group reported that the fire is primarily moving north. As of People’s report on August 25, at least 30 structures have been burned and it’s currently at 17,735 acres. It is estimated that the fire will be contained by Friday.

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