‘Alaskan Bush People’: Will Bear and Raiven’s Son Be Mentioned in Season 12?

'Alaskan Bush People': Will Bear and Raiven’s Son Be Mentioned in Season 12?

Alaskan Bush People season 12 is scheduled to premiere on August 23. There are a lot of things that will be featured, including Gabe Brown becoming a father. Noah Brown’s son will also be part of the show, but what about Bear Brown’s son with Raiven Adams? It has turned into a bit of a scandal. So, will they ignore the issue with baby River or will it be mentioned?

Discovery TV Show Centers Around Family

Alaskan Bush People is a family show that centers on the Brown family. The clan is all about family, children, and grandbabies. Noah has a little boy and Gabe is about to become a father. However, Bear took a different path than the others and fans are wondering what is really going on.

Devastating Split and Custody Battle

A press release for Alaskan Bush People mentions Bear’s devastating breakup and him trying to move on after Raiven Adams. However, it’s not that simple because Raiven was pregnant when they split. Eventually, it turned into a bitter custody battle and we are getting a lot of conflicting stories. What we do know is that River is five months old now and the custody and child support issues were resolved in June 2020.

'Alaskan Bush People': Will Bear and Raiven’s Son Be Mentioned in Season 12?

Raiven Adams’ Accusations

Since the breakup, Raiven has made a lot of allegations. Some of these include drug use, erratic behavior and Bear allegedly threatened her with a gun. At one point, Bear finally took a drug test to prove he was clean. Some fans wondered why he didn’t take the test when Raiven started making the allegations. Why did he wait so long? To this, he explained that he thought it would just all blow over.

Alaskan Bush People: Will Bear Brown’s Son Be Mentioned?

We have two different stories when it comes to River. Bear said on social media that he was finally meeting his son for the first time and seemed excited about it. However, Raiven slammed that claim, saying she was not notified of any visit. She also said that Bear has not made any effort to see his child. She told In Touch that Bear is using River as publicity since the show is starting back up again.

The Brown family typically doesn’t air their dirty laundry on the TV show. However, fans are asking questions and it will be interesting to see how Bear’s child is (or isn’t) addressed when the show airs new episodes. Will it just be something that is never mentioned? Or will we get to find out exactly what is going on? We will have to wait and see what happens when Alaskan Bush People season 12 kicks off.

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