‘Bringing Up Bates’: Lawson Trying To Complete Pilot Training, Nathan Is His Co-Pilot

'Bringing Up Bates': Lawson Trying To Complete Pilot Training, Nathan Is His Co-Pilot

Bringing Up Bates star Lawson Bates is long overdue to complete his pilot training so he can get his license. However, he is back at it and there’s nobody he trusts more to be his co-pilot than a family member. UPtv posted a video on its website showing Nathan Bates assisting Lawson.

Dreaming of Flying

Like many people, Lawson had goals to become a pilot. However, not everyone takes steps to actually make that happen. Well, Lawson did and has been going through pilot training. However, life got in the way and now, he is way overdue on accomplishing that goal. In a video clip posted on the network’s website, we see him finally getting in the pilot’s seat. He also made a decision on who his co-pilot should be, which turns out to be Nathan Bates.

Lawson Bates’ Goal Got Sidetracked

The Bringing Up Bates star explained to the camera that he has been really busy with other things, which put getting his pilot’s license on hold. He has been working with Christian organizations and helping others who are less fortunate and in the midst of a crisis. He also talked about his personality type regarding the delay in completing the training and putting in the clock hours required

Bringing Up Bates: Personality Type

In the video clip, Lawson explained that he has the type of personality where he wants to try everything and do everything. So, he sees something and he gets excited and decides that he wants to do this, and that, and so on. So, having that type of personality can make it take a bit longer to complete goals because there are so many other things he’s interested in doing, experiencing, and learning.

Co-Pilot Chosen is Nathan Bates

When it comes to getting back into an airplane and completing his pilot training, Lawson needed a co-pilot. So, he chose someone that he knows well and a person that he trusts completely in the airplane with him. That individual is none other than Nathan Bates. Hopefully, Lawson will be able to get his pilot’s license soon!


What do you think of Lawson Bates not completing his pilot training yet? Do you think that it was a good idea for him to ask Nathan Bates to be his co-pilot? You can check out the video clip for yourself on the official website of the network that broadcasts Bringing Up Bates.

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