General Hospital Spoilers: Is Nelle Jerome Dead Or Alive? Vote Now!

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Nelle Jerome Dead Or Alive? Vote Now!

ABC General Hospital spoilers and recap reveals Nelle Jerome (Chloe Lanier) kidnapped her son Wiley Corinthos (Theo And Erik Olson). After Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) arrived to save his son, Nelle ran into the woods. Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) quickly followed and argued with Nelle. Nelle ran from Carly and then fell off a cliff. Carly runs to help Nelle and tries to pull her up the embankment but Nelle slips and calls out of sight.

General Hospital Updates – A True Soap Mystery

Like so many other soap characters, Nelle fell into the abyss leaving Carly stunned by what has happened. Carly genuinely tried to help Nelle. However, Nelle cannot accept anything without wanting more. Nelle tried to ruin Carly’s life. Nelle sent Carly to Ferncliff. Nelle drugged Carly’s husband to make it look like she slept with him. Nelle is pure evil and evil doesn’t die easily.

Nelle Benson Jerome Could Have Survived

After that fall it is possible that Nelle could be dead. However, it’s unlikely that Nelle has been killed because she causes too much drama alive. Nelle has fallen off a cliff. It’s dark outside and there is no way that Carly can see what happened to Nelle at all. The only way that General Hospital Carly can figure out what happened is to listen for a thud or a splash below because it is pitch black outside. What Carly does know is that Nelle is no longer screaming. Nelle isn’t holding Carly’s hand anymore. Nelle isn’t on the ledge with Carly. Nelle has simply disappeared. The cops should arrive soon but until then, Carly will have to believe Nelle is alive somewhere.

GH Spoilers – Is Nelle Benson Jerome Dead?

General Hospital’s Nelle could be dead. After all, when one falls off a cliff, they have to land somewhere. What could be below Nelle? There could be rocks at the bottom of the cliff which would mean almost sudden death for Nelle. After all, falling on a hard surface like that would most certainly kill someone. The jagged rocks below would be harsh and unforgiving. There could be water below her. A body of water may be easier to survive in most cases but what if Nelle couldn’t swim? What if Nelle struck her head on the way down? Nelle could easily drown at the bottom of a cliff and be out of everyone’s lives. But could Nelle disappear that easily?

Which fate would you rather have befall Nelle? Is Nelle alive and ready to cause more trouble for the Corinthos family? Will Nelle’s body turn up and she is out of everyone’s lives for good?

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  1. Carol G. Kelly says

    Nelle is a good swimmer, so if there is water below she should be fine.

  2. Michael says

    I could see Nelle surviving, pretending to have amnesia to be a “good Nelle“ and turn a new leaf on everyone but still playing a deceitful game and still evil deep down or should I say still the same old Nelle.

    1. Ann Lins says

      Get Nelle off the show, she is to much a drama queen, we do not need her

      1. Carole says

        Chole Lanier who plays Nelle is such a great actress.
        She shouldn’t leave the show!!!!!!!!!!!!
        The character of Nelle brings interesting stories and besides she’s Nina’s daughter or at least she has the other half of necklace

  3. Jean bitner says

    Why do the writers have to bring drugs in for Sasha to feel better.There is enough of drugs going on in this country, why should we watch it on tv and our younger generation see this, so they can copy cat if they have a problem.Very bad

    1. Ann Lins says

      I agree do not get Sasha hooked on drugs, she is a decent person.

  4. Barbara Jackson says

    I hope she is off the show for good.

  5. Alberta Bell says

    I feel that Nelle has never believed anyone in her world cared for her. As a very young child, she was violated by her so-call father figure who abused her by selling her kidney and sold to the highest bidder, low-down dirty Jax who was privilge and did not care about the little girl named Nelle. His only concern was getting a kidney for his daughter, Joss, by any means necessary. Her despicable father figure took all of the money for himself and did not save any money for Nelle’s Future and continued to lie to her up to his death. . She lived a impoverished life and struggled to survive. Her even despicable grandmother, Nina’s mother was a ruthless evil woman who wronged her own daughter, Nina for the love of the MIGHTY DOLLAR as well as her own granddaughter. I felt that Nelle was damaged early on and felt all alone in THIS BIG BAD UNTRUSTWORTHY WORLD where she became not a nice person. I am not condoning Nelle’s manipulative and vengeful behavior toward Carly and her family in the beginning because of the lies told by her father, Frank, but somewhere in her twisted mind, she still felt betrayed by Carly because she felt that her sister did not come back for her, especially when she found out that Carly was wealthy while she was barely making it. I thought that once Belle found out that her low down father, Frank and Jax were responsible for her anger and betrayal, she would have stop being vindictive toward Carly. Instead, she was angry that Carly was her sister and did not give her another thought after all those years of suffering. We must not forget who set this whole unfortunate situation in motion, the Evil Greedy and Dirty Grand mother/ mother, both she or Nina may never know. I was hoping that Nelle could have met one person in her life that cared and loved her, unconditionally. Maybe, a strong support system, early on could have lifted her out of this negative perception she had of everyone including herself. To me, it is a very sad storyline for both Nina and Belle, both who have suffered at the hands of cold-blooded,greedy, ruthless, and privilege people who never gave a damn about them. Nelle became the evil, manipulative and untrustworthy person she grew up with and became and could not rise above her challenging circumstances. Throughout this storyline, I was hoping that Nelle would have found redemption if just one person cared about whether she lived or died. I was hoping at first that Michael Corinthos could have been that person when they met and she was carrying their child. When that didn’t happened, I was hoping her son, Wiley, would have motivated her to become a better person. Then there was the cliff-hanger of whether Nina and Belle would find each other as mother and daughter. I was hoping that could be a new beginning for Belle by knowing her mother, Nina Loved her and was searching for her without ever giving up. She had the one person in the world who Love her, Unconditionally. It never played out and once again, Belle behaved badly by slitting Brooklyn’s throat in order to stop her from telling anyone about her plans to kidnap Wiley and disappear. Can any of the writers at General Hospital tell me why they have given a pass to each and every Imperfect Main Characters, Luke, Laura, Scotty, Barbara Jean, Monica, Tracy, Lucy, Ned, Sonny, Carly, Michael, Alexis, Sam, Jason, Elizabeth and her Past Serial killer and Artist husband, Nicholas and his bad seed son, Ava and Julian Jererome, Maxie, Peter, Jax, the illegal purchaser of
    Nelle’s kidney when she was a small child and was unable to make decision for herself, and so on and so on. Everyone of these Characters was given a pass and most of them were given another chance and some chance after chances. I am not condoning Nelles many Mistakes and Flaws!! Why not Nelle? At the beginning of the program, I have seen the photos of every MAIN CHARACTERS who work at ABC GENERAL HOSPITAL EXCEPT CHLOE LANIER WHO PLAYS NELLE BENSON. TELL ME WHY IS SHE EXCLUDED? JUST CURIOUS.

  6. Karen Mack says

    I am afraid that Nelle is beyond redemption and her character is set in stone. A leopard does not change its spots. Did she die after falling off the cliff? No, that would be too easy an exit for the infamous Nelle. She will develop some wackadoodle scheme to stir the pot when she is back on canvas.

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