‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Reportedly Accused of Rape By Two Women

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown faces two rape accusations that occurred just days apart. The first victim was saved by a woman, who would end up being assaulted herself a few days later. Both victims have worked closely with the reality show and the Brown family. The women say they are going public to expose a predator who one called “a monster.”

Personal Assistant Allegedly Attacked

According to The Sun, Jessica Jurges is a former personal assistant for the Brown family. The 35-year-old said that Matt had been drinking heavily when he suddenly ripped off her swimsuit. She alleges that Matt raped her in a swimming pool, which lasted two-and-a-half hours. Jurges recalls being terrified that she was going to drown and despite the long duration of the attack, she screamed and tried to fight him off.

“… Matt eventually persuaded me to get in [the swimming pool] and he was like a shark. He ripped my bathing suit off. Wouldn’t let go of me. I said no probably a million times… He was a monster.”

Matt Brown’s Manager Saved Victim

Jurges’ ordeal ended when Shelly Dawn Early, who was Matt’s manager at the time, pulled the Alaskan Bush People star off of the woman. Jessica was able to escape because Early intervened. However, she would end up a victim herself just days later.

'Alaskan Bush People': Matt Brown Reportedly Accused of Rape By Two Women

Alaskan Bush People Manager Assaulted

54-year-old Shelley ended up becoming a victim herself when Matt allegedly assaulted her three days after she saved Jurges. She told the publication that she was raped at the same location as Jurges, at Canoga Park, located in Los Angeles, California.

“He knew that I had a hip replacement and he knew that my legs aren’t as strong as the rest of my body. And that’s how it happened. I couldn’t ward him off because my hips were weak… After it happened, he told me that I raped him – that’s how drunk he was.”

Matt Brown’s Victims Going Public

Both victims confirmed they reported being assaulted to the Topanga Division of LAPD, who investigated the crimes. The case has been forwarded to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. However, they later decided not to prosecute Matt. Jurges and Early say they are going public to try and get justice and to expose a “predator.”

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