‘Bringing Up Bates’: Michaella Bates Has Something To Celebrate

'Bringing Up Bates': Michaella Bates Has Something To Celebrate

Bringing Up Bates spoilers reveal that there is good news to report for the Bates family. Via the Bates Family on Facebook, it was announced that has graduated from nursing school!

There are two pictures of her and one of them shows the proud grad in her nursing outfit. Her fans were very happy for her and left many notes of congratulations and support.

Michaella’s fans are thrilled that she has graduated from nursing school

Even though the hard-working student has graduated from nursing school she is still studying to pass the NCLEX. Obviously, the Bates family feels very proud of her achievement.

Some fans were very enthusiastic about the young woman’s accomplishment and let her know how proud they were of her. One fan congratulated her and described her as a loving, compassionate, kind, empathetic, and intelligent woman, saying that God chooses her to be a nurse. Other fans praised Michaella’s incredibly giving and sweet nature with one fan writing, “You have a sweet personality which will make you a favorite to your patients and you have a great work ethic which will endear you to your coworkers.”

'Bringing Up Bates': Michaella Bates Has Something To Celebrate

On Bringing Up Bates Michaella has dedicated her life to helping others

Michaella has long been a fan fave and viewers were delighted when, in Season 9 of Bringing Up Bates, she married Brandon Keilen. At that time she shared her struggle with fertility issues and it has become very clear that Michaella adores children and babies.

To this end, one fan congratulated her on her big achievement and then noted that she should consider working in the pediatric ward because she would be fantastic helping out with sick kids.

At the same time, Michaella received many comments from those in the nursing profession who said she had made a wise career choice and that she would not regret choosing nursing as a profession.

Some even offered words of advice suggesting that she spend a year gaining experience before she chooses a specialty.

What do you think about Bringing up Bates star Michaella graduating from nursing school?

Michaella seems to have chosen a career that suits her personality. Not only is she exceedingly good-natured, but she is also patient and kind, all qualities that go into helping others.

By successfully finishing nursing school Michaella has proven that she has what it takes to succeed—dedication, selflessness, and regard for others.

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