Dancing With The Stars Season 29 Spoilers: 5 Ways Tyra Banks Will Change DWTS

Dancing With The Stars Season 29 Spoilers: 5 Ways Tyra Banks Will Change DWTS

ABC Dancing With The Stars Season 29 is just around the corner and yes, the cast, crew, and fans from all over the country are excited to see what this season has in store for everyone. But what they are most excited about is seeing the new host and executive producer, Tyra Banks. Here are just five ways Tyra will change the show as we know it.

#1 The Dancing Will Definitely Be More Fierce

If there’s something that we’ve learned about Tyra Banks over the years, it’s that she’s not someone who is going to help you wipe your tears away. Instead, there’s more of a chance that she’ll make you cry, but only because she cares for you. There is definitely going to be more fierceness as Tyra will push each and every contestant to give it their all on the dance floor.

#2 Fans Will Want To Tune In To See If They Love Her Or Hate Her

Tyra Banks might be a household name, but the former supermodel has just as many fans as she does critics. While she had a very successful run as the host and judge at America’s Next Top Model, DWTS fans will want to tune in to see how she does on the hit ABC dancing show.

#3 Something New, Something Fresh

Yes, DWTS has been around for 29 seasons and it’s one of the longest-lasting television competition shows for a good reason. While the franchise does offer that comfort and familiar television viewing that everyone knows and loves, Tyra will offer something fresher and something more new, which is an upgrade the show does need.

#4 The Fashion Element

Seeing how Tyra comes from the model and fashion world, expect to see a whole lot of style on the 29th season of Dancing With the Stars. As the new executive producer, Tyra will make sure that the show is an eye-catching one for everyone out there.


#5 There’s only one Tyra Banks Out There

Let’s face it: no one can outdo someone so fierce, so stylish, so determined and so confident in herself like Tyra Banks. There’s just no one in the entertainment industry that can compare to her, let alone compete with her. Regardless of whether or not Dancing With The Stars viewers are fans of her, they will tune in during the first week just to see how she will do. Now, if they will continue to tune in throughout the season remains to be seen. Watch this space as we have a feeling there is so much more to come from Tyra and the all-new DWTS.

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