Dancing With The Stars Spoilers: Jennifer Lopez has Beef with Tyra Banks and Derek Hough

Dancing With The Stars Spoilers: Jennifer Lopez has Beef with Tyra Banks and Derek HoughABC Dancing With the Stars spoilers reveal that not everyone is happy with the new changes that have been made to the show this season. In fact, one VIP is said to be furious with Derek Hough for agreeing to return to the series that made him a star.

That VIP is Jennifer Lopez and her anger is due to the fact that Hough’s return to DWTS means he is no longer on her show World of Dance, according to OK!

According to a source, “Jennifer blew a gasket when she found out about this. She is not only mad at Derek but also livid with Dancing With the Star’s new host Tyra Banks. How dare Derek betray Jennifer and World of Dance by doing this! Also, what is Tyra doing poaching Derek away from Jennifer? Jennifer can’t believe that Derek’s contract with NBC had a non-compete in it and is screaming at the lawyers. If Tyra wants to play dirty on the dance floor, bring it on.”

Tyra Banks is the new host of DWTS and a producer

NBC released a statement about Hough’s DWTS job saying it will not affect his role if there is a fifth season of World of Dance. But, Lopez is not happy with Hough. “Jennifer has a long memory and once you go behind her back, she will never trust you again,” the source said.

Although Derek’s sister Julianne Hough has been a judge on DWTS, Banks did not hire her because as the source maintains, “Tyra only wants what Jennifer has.”

Dancing With The Stars Spoilers: Jennifer Lopez has Beef with Tyra Banks and Derek Hough

Was Tyra Banks set on getting Derek Hough no matter the controversy?

Hough is not back to dance, rather he is taking the place of British judge Len Goodman. According to the show, Len cannot appear due to coronavirus travel restrictions. But, rumors are flying that Goodman and Banks had been butting heads since she became the boss, speculation that was confirmed by the inside source.

“Tyra has taken over completely,” the source told OK!. “She is an executive producer as well as the host and wants to change the show to a point where it’s long-time fans won’t recognize it anymore. The only person that is standing up to her is Len, which as you can imagine, isn’t going over well.”

For his part, Hough told GMA, “Man, I am so excited to be back in the ballroom. It’s like coming home, you know. Being a part of that show for so long, amazing memories and experiences and triumphs and failures and all the things. I am excited, man. I can’t wait.”

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