General Hospital News: Nicolas Bechtel’s Emotional Goodbye

general hospital nicolas bechtel General Hospital (GH) news says cast member Nicolas Bechtel just shared an emotional goodbye with his sister.  If you follow Nicolas Bechtel (Spencer Cassadine) on social media, then you that he and his big sister are very close.

Over the years the young General Hospital soap actor has shared tons of sweet memories and photos with his sister Nicole.  A few months ago Bechtel revealed on social media that he was having a tough time getting ready to say goodbye to his sister as she prepared to leave home and move to her college campus.  Sadly, the big day finally came, and Nicolas took to Instagram and shared an emotional goodbye message to her.

General Hospital News: Nicolas Bechtel Shares Emotional Post

Bechtel shared a sweet photo of himself with his sister, with a lengthy caption about her heading off to college.  The GH star went on to say, “not having her in the house is going to be strange. her venturing out on her own is going to be scary BUT she’s excited so I am excited for her. please send her some happy thoughts and some for me too.”

It sounds like Nicolas Bechtel has finally come to terms with the fact that his big sister is moving out and moving on with her own adventure.  Honestly, it sounds like he took her big move to college harder than their parents did.  Although Nicolas’ sister wasn’t a member of the GH cast, we have seen so much of her on Bechtel’s Instagram over the years, it’s hard not be invested in her big milestone.

GH Cast: Spencer Cassadine All Grown Up

Nicolas Bechtel has done quite a bit of growing up himself, and it’s crazy to imagine the teen boy on Instagram used to be our tiny little Spencer Cassadine.  The young actor made his first debut on General Hospital in 2013 when he was just 8 years old.

Do you want to see more of Nicolas Bechtel on the ABC soap opera?  Let us know in the comments below and check back with OTT for more General Hospital spoilers, news, and Nicolas Bechtel updates.

  1. Lillian says

    Definitely keep Spencer on the show

  2. Kay says

    I can’t wait for Spencer to show up on GH. I know he’s all grown up with voice change and all, but he will liven up GH when he gets there. His special connections with Sonny are always so special. Hurry home Spencer!

  3. Kay says

    Love Spencer! Bring him back to the show.

  4. Sandra Wilder Smith says

    Yes, come on back Spencer. I loved you as a youngster and I’m sure you will be just as great as a teenager or whatever age you are

  5. Michaele says

    We need him back – he’s a challenge!!

  6. Stephanie leek says

    I think he is obnoxious. Say goodbye

  7. Vonnie says

    Yes we want him back we miss him

  8. lorraine says

    yes it would be awsome if he came back

  9. Judy says

    Yes please GH needs Nicolas and Emma back on screen

  10. Evelyn says

    I’ve been a long-time soap opera watcher and one of the best scenes I have ever witnessed was when Nicolas (Spencer) visited Ava in the hospital when she was burned and scarred and Spencer comforted her. The connection between the two actors was amazing…you could actually feel it. For such a young man that was some acting!

  11. Carole says

    There’s a new Spencer. He’s been recast.

  12. Ginny Paszkiet says

    The new actor playing Spencer does not fit the character. Nicolas Bechtel fit the role much better.

  13. Happy Days says

    Agree, please bring back Nic Bechtel, he was the perfect Spencer. We don’t care if he is small! He is Spencer, warts and all. No one can take his place.

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