General Hospital Spoilers: James Patrick Stuart Reveals, ‘It’s Not Over Between Valentin And Nina’

General Hospital Spoilers: James Patrick Stuart Reveals, 'It’s Not Over Between Valentin And Nina'

ABC General Hospital spoilers and updates reveal Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) and Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) have been over for some time. Nina has moved on with Jasper Jacks (Ingo Rademacher). However, Valentina fans don’t believe it’s over between them. James agrees and here’s why.

Valentin Still Loves Nina

General Hospital’s Valentin still loves Nina and would do anything he could to help her. Valentin has gone to great lengths to prove his love to Nina but it has backfired in his face. Valentin cannot show Nina his love without manipulating some aspect of their relationship. Valentin wanted to give Nina her daughter, so he hired one. Valentin lied to Nina to keep her from prosecuting Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson). Nina keeps finding out ways that Valentin has manipulated her every time she starts to forgive him. However, Valentin still loves Nina and continues to try and get her back.

Why Does Valentin Continue To Pursue Nina?

General Hospital’s Valentin cannot stand not being a part of Nina’s life. However, Nina is now with someone else. So why does Valentin not try to move on and let Nina go? Valentin believes he deserves to see Nina with someone else as a penance for all the bad things he has done. After all, Valentin has lied to Nina time and again.

Valentin shot and supposedly killed Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) at one point. Valentin continues to get called out on his misdeeds. Valentin has lost everything including his fortunate and his family name. Valentin has learned that he is not a Cassadine and losing Nina is just something else he deserves in his mind. However, it also inspires Valentin to try to get Nina back.

How Does James Believe This Will Work Out?

General Hospital’s Nina was there for Valentin when he was lonely and needed someone. Nina and Valentin rushed into a marriage that just seemed right although they barely knew each other. Now Valentin has seen his daughter following in his footsteps and walked away from her as well. Yet Valentin still loves Nina and James equates their story to a line in the song The Book Of My Life – “There is a chapter on love where the ink is never dry.” This line suggests that a love story can be rewritten which is done by working through your issues as a couple. Valentin has started to work on the most important issue. Valentin wants to recreate himself to be someone that Nina can love. Valentin has started to do this by taking over ELQ. Will Valentin succeed in his quest to regain Nina’s love?”

The chemistry between Valentin and Nina is too strong to be denied. Eventually, the two will most likely reconnect and be hotter than ever. The real question is, can Valentin keep Nina this time without falling into the patterns that continue to destroy their trust?

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