‘The Good Doctor’ Season 4 Finally Starts Filming in Vancouver

'The Good Doctor' Season 4 Finally Starts Filming in Vancouver

ABC The Good Doctor spoilers reveal that filming for season 4 of the hit medical drama is now taking place in Vancouver. Prior to production starting up again, the show experienced issues related to COVID testing which resulted in a delayed start date. Nonetheless, the show is anticipated to debut later this fall.

The testing is a required element of all entertainment productions getting back to work in the era of COVID-19. All shows must follow strict guidelines and as the case of testing for The Good Doctor proves, all does not necessarily go according to plan.

Because the show centers on a doctor and the hospital in which he works, it would seem natural that the show covers the COVID-19 crisis. Is it inevitable that fans will see the pandemic health crisis covered in some way, either minor or major?

It’s an interesting theory since the show, more than others, revolves around the health care question. Some fans think it is imperative for the series to address the pandemic along with the psychological effects that the pandemic has on health care providers as well as patients.

The Good Doctor season 4 filming kicks off in Vancouver

For instance, how will Shaun Murphy cope with the crisis? And how will it affect his relationship with Lea Dillalo? The Good Doctor season 4 must also address the aftermath of Dr. Melendez’s death.

'The Good Doctor' Season 4 Finally Starts Filming in Vancouver

Fans are also talking about the possibility of new characters being introduced as well as storylines arcs that could come and go or be extended.

According to TVLine, the upcoming season 4 debut will center on the global health crisis which is gripping the world. If this is the case it makes sense since the show mirrors real life as it takes on stories that real-life doctors are dealing with. It’s almost a given that a show such as this would tackle the pandemic is it is a reflection of the real world.

However, the show would be careful to tread lightly and not heavily invest in a storyline that many viewers are wanting to tune out. This means that when they turn on the tv it is for escape from the real world and right now that means the ever-present threat of a virus that many find frightening and simply are tired of hearing about in their day to day lives.

Interestingly enough, in season 2 the show aired a two-part episode that that focused on a localized outbreak.

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