‘Alaskan Bush People’ News: Bear Brown’s Son Has New Milestone, But Raiven Adams Barely Sleeping

'Alaskan Bush People' News: Bear Brown’s Son Has New Milestone, But Raiven Adams Barely SleepingAlaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has finally met his son, so he gets to experience the baby’s milestones with Raiven Adams. The new mother shared on Instagram that baby River Brown is teething. The one thing that soothes him is cuddling with his mom, but that means Raiven is barely getting any sleep. Keep reading to find out more.

Baby Reaches New Milestone

Bear and Raiven’s six-month-old son, River, has reached a new milestone. On Instagram, the mother revealed that River is teething. As any parent knows, that can be quite challenging since it’s painful for the little one. All a parent wants to do is find a way to take away the pain. Some parents are lucky and find something that works, or at the very least, makes it bearable.

River Brown Soothed With Cuddles

Raiven explained that all River wants to do while he’s teething is cuddle. Of course, she obliges and uploaded a photo of her snuggling with her little man. It seems that Raiven is relishing every single moment of motherhood, even though there can be some parts that are really hard to deal with.

'Alaskan Bush People' News: Bear Brown’s Son Has New Milestone, But Raiven Adams Barely Sleeping

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams Barely Sleeping

Raiven explained that she is only sleeping about three hours a night due to River’s teething. While a lack of sleep would make any parent cranky, Raiven doesn’t seem moody at all. In fact, she seems to realize what a blessing being a mother is. Not everyone is able to have that gift and Raiven is definitely not taking motherhood for granted.

More Brown Family Updates

As for the rest of the Alaskan Bush People cast members, Bear has finally met his son and is enjoying every minute of it. The Brown family remains evacuated and don’t have a date when they will be able to return home. However, they are coping well despite the circumstances. Snowbird Brown and Rain Brown love being aunts and have met River. However, the visit was brief due to COVID-19 safety guidelines.

We will keep you posted with new developments and updated information as it becomes available. In the meantime, let’s hope teething isn’t too hard on baby River and that Raiven Adams is able to get some decent sleep very soon!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Raiven Adams right now. Come back here often for Alaskan Bush People spoilers, news, and updates.

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