‘Counting On’ Spoilers: Lauren Duggar Has Trust Issues

'Counting On' Spoilers: Lauren Duggar Has Trust IssuesWhen Josiah Duggar married Lauren in 2018, the couple seemed very much in love and she seemed to really enjoy being part of the Duggar family. She loved being on the show and fans fell in love with her and Josiah’s relationship. There have been some moments though, that fans have noticed that she is starting to pull away from the Duggar family.

Does Lauren Trust The Duggars?

Lauren became pregnant shortly after the couple was married. She was so excited to have a child, but things got incredibly emotional when she had a miscarriage. It was shown on television too. This may have put things into perspective for her. Her entire life would now be part of a reality show. We saw Lauren become unglued when she was interviewed with Josiah’s mom, Michelle Duggar.

Things did begin to look up for the young couple though. Bella was welcomed into their lives about a year after the miscarriage. With the birth of Bella, Lauren pretty much went into hiding and has taken a step back from social media and from Counting On. This has led her fans to believe that she may have some trust issues with the Duggars or with TLC.

Lauren Duggar Never Takes Pictures Of Her Inlaws Holding Bella.

The Instagram sleuths have tried to pinpoint exactly what it is that Lauren doesn’t trust. In her photos and videos on social media, she never takes pictures of her inlaws holding Bella. She is always holding her and some of her followers think that she is holding onto her very strongly. We can’t really tell that in a picture, but this could be a sign that her trust is lacking.

Did Lauren want the fame of belonging to the Duggars, but now that she has a child, is she tired of people following everything that she does in life? Is this the life she wanted or was this unexpected?

Being in the spotlight can be quite the task and for most people, it is not the life that they want. This could be the case for Lauren and that could be the real reason that she doesn’t want to be around the rest of the Duggars or on social media. We hope she enjoys all of this time with Josiah and Bella though.

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