Dancing With The Stars News: Fans Want Tyra Banks To Stop Showing Off But She Boasts She Has Increased The Ratings!

Dancing With The Stars News: Fans Want Tyra Banks To Stop Showing Off But She Boasts She Has Increased The Ratings!ABC Dancing With the Stars spoilers reveal that you can take the supermodel off the runway but you can’t take the runway out of the supermodel—if show host Tyra Banks is any indication.

In a past life the statuesque beauty was a stunning runway model and now she is the sole host of Dancing With the Stars Season 29; Not everyone is pleased. Fans are pushing back on Tyra’s love of fashion and the way they feel it has taken over their beloved ABC show.

Each episode of DWTS, Tyra strides out swaying those hips as if she’s still selling Versace. DWTS fans think she ought to tone it down!

Tyra Banks Has A Habit Of Bringing Her Fashion Forward Self To The Forefront Of DWTS

In the most recent episode of Dancing With the Stars, hostest with the mostest Tyra Banks sashayed into camera range wearing a sexy and slinky green jumpsuit that was a re-creation of Jennifer Lopez’s legendary 2000 Grammy gown.

No one could dispute she looked like a million bucks but some fans thought the emphasis on her and her outfit took away from the point of the show itself. In other words the Twitterverse was awash in criticism.

Dancing With The Stars Fans Think Tyra Banks Is Too Much Of A Fashionista

On Twitter fans complained that her oh so dramatic walk-on and having her hair billowing out was a bit much, which seems fair enough.

Then, things got ugly! Some fans critiqued her look with Tyra coming out second best to J.Lo—meow!

After all, that Versace dress is historic and Tyra took a chance imitating it on live television–maybe she set herself up for the criticism?

DWTS Fans Think Tyra Banks Makes The Ballroom Her Personal Runway

One fan tweeted that Ms. Banks is trying to take over the dance show saying, “I can’t understand her most of the time. It sounds like crackling, words slurred together or so overdramatised it’s abnormal.”

Many chimed in that someone should tell her that the ballroom is not the runway: “Really @tyrabanks @DancingABC is not some runway competition it is a dancing show. So act like a normal host or get lost lady #disappointed.”

Through it all Tyra seems to be made of Teflon. She told Extra of the criticism she has received: “You know what’s so crazy is I don’t read it.”

She also remarked that ratings have improved since she’s been on the show, which means a change is unlikely!

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  1. Norma Beamer says

    So next season we might as well call it the tyra banks show with dancing with the stars. Screen hog

  2. Melodee Powers says

    I think she just ruins the show which is not about her! I fast forward when she is on. Her outfits are just plain ugly. Bring back Tom and Erin, puuuleez!

  3. Crowsmom says

    The only thing that she has increased is her attitude about her “importance ” and the size of her ass.

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