Dancing With The Stars News Update: Jeannie Mai’s Got A Mirrorball Trophy Of Her Very Own

Dancing With The Stars News Update: Jeannie Mai's Got A Mirrorball Trophy Of Her Very OwnABC Dancing with the Stars’ Jeannie Mai had to withdraw from the 29th and recently ended season of Dancing with the Stars due to a medical emergency. But in her mom’s eyes, The Real cohost is not just a star, she’s a winner!

Jeannie Mai hosts Kin Network’s Hello Hunnay and with her pro partner, Brandon Armstrong, with her she received her very own Mirrorball Trophy from her mom.

Dancing with the Stars’ Jeannie Mai is a winner in her mom’s eyes

The inscription on the adorable trophy read, “You are the one and only, you can do anything. Mom’s so proud of Jeannie — the winner in my heart.” Aw!

Mai’s mom promised Armstrong that not only would she cook for him, she would help him find a date for Mai’s upcoming wedding to her fiancé Jeezy. In turn Armstrong promised to choreograph a special dance for the couple.

Mai was forced to withdraw from DWTS in early November. She had to undergo emergency surgery on an abscess in her throat but now she has recovered and she and Armstrong reminisced about their dances together. They also voiced the opinion that Mai would have won if not for the medical issue.

Dancing with the Stars’ Jeannie Mai received her very own Mirrorball trophy

Mai said, “We really thought we could take that mirrorball down,” and Armstrong replied, “One hundred percent. “I thought she could win like, a week into it.”

The pro dancer said that their final rehearsal was “garbage” because she was so ill. “I was like, ‘Okay, why are we here?'” he recalled, expressing that he wanted her to take care of her health. “We were trying to do a stupid Viennese Waltz and a stupid Charleston.”

Mai added, “Which would have been my first Charleston, [and] which guys, I was about to body.” “She was about to smash the Charleston,” Armstrong replied.


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Dancing with the Stars’ had to withdraw due to a medical emergency

“I was almost dying in that room but I didn’t know because I was pushing through it and I was hyped up on steroids,” The Real co-host continued.

Armstrong said he was focused on his partner’s recovery. “I wasn’t upset at this point,” he said. “I just wanted her to be healthy.”

Last month Mai told People that Jeezy pushed her to seek treatment. “I am very thankful for J, my fiancé, because it was his firmness in, ‘No, you’re going to the ER. We’re not turning the other way,’ where I was like okay — I obliged,” she said.

“Because if it were just me, I wouldn’t have made my way to the ER. I would have made my way out to the parking and to go home to just, I don’t know, take something to suppress it to get through another day.”

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