Dancing With The Stars Spoilers: 5 Changes Fans Can Expect For DWTS Season 30

Dancing With The Stars Spoilers: 5 Changes Fans Can Expect For DWTS Season 30Dancing With The Stars spoilers reveal it seems like DWTS Season 29 ended just as quickly as it started, but only because this was perhaps the most fast-paced season to date. That, of course, is not a bad thing as fans were glued to their small screens to not only watch all of the dances on the ballroom floor by this year’s talented contestants, but also because they wanted to see how the show would fair with all of the new Covid-19 protocols and the show’s new host, Tyra Banks.

Let’s just say that viewers definitely weren’t disappointed because they got more than what they bargained for. With that said, we’ve got five changes to the show that fans can expect for Dancing With The Stars Season 30. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

#1 Tyra Banks Might Get A New Co-Host

While Tyra Banks has proven to us already that she can handle hosting a show on her own, many Dancing With The Stars viewers have made it clear that they do want to see a co-host by the former supermodel’s side. That’s not because they think she can’t handle the job but instead to add a little balance to the co-hosting duties. In fact, several reports have indicating that DWTS producers are actively looking for a co-host for the next season.

#2 But It Will Be Less Tyra And More Of The Contestants

If there’s one thing that Dancing With The Stars fans complained the most about during this last season of the show, it’s that Tyra Banks might have been in the spotlight a little too much for the liking. Luckily, producers see that and they will make sure that it will be less of Tyra, her glamour and her fashion, and more of the contestants, their dancing and their talent.

Dancing With The Stars Spoilers: 5 Changes Fans Can Expect For DWTS Season 30

#3 There Might Be Less Social Distancing Protocols Put In Place

While no one really truly knows what the future holds, there’s a possibility that the year that has been 2020 will finally be behind us and that the world, including the film and television industry, can finally go back to operating the way it once did before the global pandemic that has been the coronavirus hit. If this proves to be the case, then hopefully there will be less awkward social distancing protocols put in place during the 30th season of the show.

#4 There Will Be More Technical Dances

While Carrie Ann Inaba might have gotten some flack from Dancing With The Stars viewers for being a little too critical about some of the more technical aspects of the dancers, fans can definitely expect much more of that during DWTS Season 30. After all, the show has been going on for so long that the judges, with Carrie included, are going to be expected much more technical and advanced dancing from all of the contestants on the show.

#5 And There Will Definitely Be More Stars

If there’s one thing that the show has not suffered from in Dancing With The Stars 29-season course, it’s a lack of willing participants and celebrities who want to show off their best cha cha moves on the dancefloors. However, it’s been quite difficult getting the right caliber of celebrities to join the cast but that might all change soon. With the landscape of the entertainment industry changing more rapidly now than ever before, there’s a chance that there will be more out-of-work celebs (both on the B and even D list) that will be lining up for a chance on the show.

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  1. Holly says

    The host most go i watch for years until 2020 will not watch til you people make changes.

  2. Pam says

    I still will not watch if Tyra is on; her mere presence puts a damper on the entire show, I can bet you that she will steal scenes from any cohost that is hired! Wake up ABC!

    Such a shame their corporate folks can’t recognize their mistake!

  3. Mary ann says

    You need to remove Banks she was all about herself and she was terrible did not watch last season . She was not the star the dancers are ,find someone else if not keep her rediculous clothing off the show she should dress like Erin andews, who has more class then her . Don’t know what happened to scoring it went south fast . May try again because I never missed a show now it’s just terrible

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