‘My Strange Addiction’: TLC Show Accused Of Huge Exaggerations

'My Strange Addiction': TLC Show Accused Of Huge ExaggerationsThe TLC show My Strange Addiction has shown us quite a few interesting people and their addictions. Fans of the show think that it is a bit overexaggerated. There have been a few moments on the show that have taken a person’s life and completely misrepresented it.

A Furry’s Life

The show in question was all about a woman who enjoys the furry culture. She recently came out and spoke up about how TLC completely misrepresented her lifestyle. A furry is a person who takes part in activities and conventions dressed in a furry animal costume. According to the woman, the show made her look like she had sex in this costume and that furries are a group of over-sexed individuals. This is not the case at all.

There are a lot of misconceptions about furries and TLC showed them all. Being a furry is all about dressing up like an animal and going to conventions to find others like them. The costumes are not generally worn in public unless there is a costume party or convention nearby. Lauren, the woman in question, says that she has a great job, friends, a great boyfriend, and the way that TLC showed her was completely false. She said that TLC did not represent her the way that she wanted to be shown. This is a hobby for her and not a sexual addiction, the way that they made it seem.

Crazy Things Have Been Shown

My Strange Addiction has shown some crazy things! There have been guests on the show that do have some life-threatening addictions, but there are some that seem very scripted. Clearly, one of them was ready to tell viewers that TLC did not show her in the right light and that other viewers need to be aware that some of these addictions are stretched out in order to get ratings.

The next time that you watch My Strange Addiction, you will have to think about what is real and what could be a stretch. You never know what kind of spin is getting put on the show. It’s best to just keep an open mind and hope that the guests on the show really do have such a strange addiction.

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