The Bold and the Beautiful LEAK: ‘Steam’ Baby is Liam’s but a DNA Switch Possible?

The Bold and the Beautiful LEAK: 'Steam' Baby is Liam's but a DNA Switch Possible?The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal the stunning news that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is pregnant (just as the actress is in real life) after her back to back love sesh’s with two guys. So, who’s the daddy? Our CBS insider is spilling the juicy news that it will be a Steam baby, but with a possible twist.

What kind of soapy twist could arise after Steffy slept with two men? How about a DNA switch?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Steam Baby on the Way!

According to our inside CBS source, Steffy and Liam will be parents again, at least that’s the plan for right now. That could change but for now our insider is hearing that Steffy will learn she is pregnant and who the daddy is. But how accurate are paternity tests on soaps?

There is no doubt that Liam could be the dad, but also that Dr. Finn (Tanner Novlan) could be the dad. Liam is her ex and Finn is her current, but that didn’t stop her from sampling both of their wares in a matter of hours.

Steffy Forrester Will be Having a Bambino

Which means that either could be the dad. Steffy will no doubt want to know who the daddy is, which means a paternity test.

Complicating matters is the fact that Finn is a doctor which means he has access to the hospital, the hospital records, and lab techs. He is in love with Steffy and if he were to find out the child is not his it’s entirely plausible that he would doctor a test to make it show he is the dad. And of course Steffy couldn’t argue, could she?

The Bold and the Beautiful LEAK: 'Steam' Baby is Liam's but a DNA Switch Possible?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Who is the Daddy of Steffy Forrester’s Baby?

Our insider has even more dirt to spill, and that is that Bradley Bell, head writer and executive producer for B&B, may have had a major change of heart regarding this storyline. Our source is saying that the rumor is that the plot was changed at the 11th hour. Why?

Anything is possible, from a too controversial plot, such as twins with different dads! Or maybe TPTB didn’t want a legacy character to have two baby daddy’s in the space of a relatively small period of time? What do you think about this plot B&B fans? Tell us what you think!

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  1. Joyce says

    All I can say these writers have nothing else to write about or they can’t think of any thing.

  2. Sharon says

    Please make it Finn’s baby. Steffy needs a strong man, not flip-flopper Liam!

  3. Patricia says

    I am so tired of the Steam storyline. It’s time for Steffy and Liam to move on. This baby needs to be Finn’s and the pic of Steam needs to come down. Oh and by the way who walks in your exes houses like these people do. It’s time for a change Bold and the Beautiful!!!

  4. Rachell says

    This need to be Finn Baby, we are tired of the Hope Liam and stuffy back and forth relationship drama. Please let steady move on with Finn. I stopped watching once Liam and Steffens had that one night.I Think this was a bit to much!! Liam and Hope, Finn and Steffy!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Diann Cannon says

    This has to be Finn’s baby Steffy has had her claws in liam for so long it’s time he am Hope had a Happy ever after she think she owns liam.

  6. Marlene cook says

    This has to be fins baby tired of Liam being in the picture and I hope Thomas and hope get together and Finn and steffy get together and Liam has no one

  7. Marlene cook says

    This has to be fins baby tired of Liam being in the picture and I hope Thomas and hope get together and Finn and steffy get together and Liam has no one
    This is the first time I ever commented

  8. Sawanna says

    I love steffy and liam hope its liam baby because as you can see both are still in love and both cant move on hard for them to move on steffy didn’t want liam with hope she blam hope for taken liam Away because liam and steffy are still meant to be

  9. Aaae says

    Please do let Steffi baby be Liam. The Steffi, Hope and Liam storyline has gotten old. When a fan can predict the storyline before it airs, the writers are stale and possibly need need writers with new ideas. Don’t make Finn like the other men on the story. Pleasebletbhim remain the one who stands out. Above all don’t have Finn change the baby’s DNA. Every soap opera has worn this storyline OUT!!!
    Allow Finn to remain the good guy and Great Doctor!!! Allow him and Steffi to have a relationship. Liam can do whatever. Also take that stupid picture of Liam and Steffi down for Pete’s sake!!! Should the writers change Finns character I’m done!!! Another quick thought I’m tired of Brooke’s storyline where she can just Waltz into another woman’s home and disk the Lady if the house. Brook has slept with every woman’s husband and twice with her own sister’s husband. If she starts try to run over Quinn in her own home again I’m done. As a longtime fan, we definitely new fresh and interesting storyline. Please take this under advisement.

  10. Alleka says

    I”m tired of the whole Liam. Steffy & Hope situation, these 2 women have been at each others throat far too long over 1 man, they all nasty back & forth sleeping around with each other. Enough is enough!! Steffy need to stay with the Dr. and Hope with her gullable self either stay with Thomas or find someone who is loyal, and Liam need to move on to something new ……The storyline is just like Taylor and Brooke acting stupid over Ridge! Find something new to write about!!

  11. Valarie Valdez says

    I read somewhere that Bill is the father of steffys first Baby? Is that true? And yes new stories. To repetitive of the characters story lines the same always changes good come on Mr Bell

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