Dancing With The Stars News: Brian Austin Green Feels Blessed To Be With New Flame DWTS Sharna Burgess

Dancing With The Stars News: Brian Austin Green Feels Blessed To Be With New Flame DWTS Sharna BurgessDancing With The Stars newa reveals Beverly Hills 90210 star Brian Austin Green and new flame, Dancing With The Stars, Sharna Burgess may not be putting labels on their relationship but Green says he feels blessed to have Burgess in his life. Brian and Sharna were recently spotted kissing in Hawaii but says the relationship is too new to label just yet.

Green Was Married For Ten Years

Brian recently split from his wife of ten years, Megan Fox. On December 25, Brian was spotted with Dancing With The Stars Sharna at Los Angeles International Airport. Brian and Sharna met through their business manager. Brian says he reluctantly went to the meeting but the two of them hit it off. Brian has three children from his former marriage, Noah Shannon who’s 8, Bodhi Ransom 6, and Journey River, 4.

Dancing With The Stars Update – Shouting It To The World

Dancing with the Stars Sharna admits that she thought she would be shouting her relationship status from the mountaintops. However, Sharna says now that she’s in a relationship she wants to hold this person close to her and enjoy the privacy of their relationship for as long as she can.

As a matter of fact, Sharna doesn’t seem to want to be questioned about her relationship status at all. The Australian native seems to believe that mums the word when fielding questions about her relationship with Brian. Sharna has been quoted as saying it is hard to field real questions because of all the relationship questions she is asked. Sharna has recently asked people to just let it go when asking about the relationship.

Brian Seems More Open

90210’s Brian isn’t nearly as quiet as Sharna about their relationship. Brian cannot find enough to say about his new love interest. Brian literally gushed about Sharna in his recent interview with Access Hollywood “It’s all going really well right now. It’s early on, so we don’t have any labels or anything, obviously, but we’re really enjoying each other’s company,” he shared, adding, “She’s super responsible and she’s super sweet and caring, passionate, fun to be around, so I feel blessed right now.”

Dancing With The Stars News – Mum May Be The Word For Now

Green, who is also known from The Masked Singer, and Dancing with the Stars Sharna attempted to keep some of their relationship under wraps, photos from their recent trip to Hawaii add to the old adage that actions speak louder than words. The couple can be seen in several photos finding it hard to keep their hands off each other. Sharna has also been quoted saying how special it would be to find her soulmate during a pandemic.

Will Sharna and Brian’s relationship last? Only time will tell but we will certainly keep an eye out for more news on the couple and their relationship.

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