Shameless News Update: New Season Production Delayed Once Again – Details Here!

Shameless News Update: New Season Production Delayed Once Again - Details Here!We love the Showtime hit show, Shameless, and we have been waiting very patiently for the newest season to come out. Like many other shows, the eleventh season has had some bumps in the road since the pandemic began. COVID-19 has put another delay on production and it seems like we won’t see any new shows anytime soon.

Shameless Updates – Filming Delays

Shameless is filmed in Los Angeles County, California and there have been a huge number of cases in that area since COVID-19 first hit. Everything has pretty much been halted as far as filming goes and Warner Brothers wants to continue to take all of the precautions necessary to protect the cast and crew of Shameless.

The show’s production should have started back up this week, but with all of the holiday travel, cases of COVD have risen to a very high level putting many Californians at risk. Shameless isn’t the only show that has been put on hold. Shows such as All American, B Positive, Call Me Kat, Mom, and You have also been put on hold and this has viewers pretty upset, but most of them completely understand that the production company wants to take these precautions.

Shameless News – COVID Cases Rising

From what we have heard so far, the number of COVID-19 cases is rising all over the country and California has started to take major steps to be sure that the state can finally get them down. As of right now, hospitals are still overflowing and it has been tough to get the numbers lower and lower. All of the stars of Shameless would like to be back in the studio, but they agree that the guidelines do need to be followed.

As of right now, Warner Brothers is trying to get the Shameless production up and running by next week sometime. They understand that some cast members did see family over the holidays and want them to quarantine for 10 days before everyone gets back to the set.

We have our fingers crossed for the newest season, although Showtime has yet to update its website with the newest production schedule.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Shameless right now. Come back here often for Shameless spoilers, news, and updates.

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