The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Why Liam And Steffy Cheated, Actress Explains Purpose Of Betrayal

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Why Liam And Steffy Cheated, Actress Explains Purpose Of BetrayalThe Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that in Los Angeles viewers are pretty upset about Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) cheating. Why was Tanner Novlan brought in as John Finnegan if Steffy was just going to sleep with Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton)? The actress spoke about that topic and explained the purpose of Steffy and Liam sleeping together.

A Man For Steffy Forrester

B&B spoilers reveal that executive producer and head writer Bradley Bell told fans that Steffy was finally getting a man. That after two years of her being alone, that they were going to give her a great man. Then the day arrived when we finally met Finn. Fans have even dubbed the couple “Sinn.”

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: The Perfect Guy

By all accounts, Finn seems like the perfect guy. Most viewers love Finn and Steffy together. In the beginning, there were some theories that Finn was a stalker or had some dark secret. However, Bell rejected those theories and said Finn is really a good guy. We never imagined that Steffy would betray Finn. Everyone wants to know why did they do this, what was the point?

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Why Liam And Steffy Cheated, Actress Explains Purpose Of Betrayal

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Explains Why

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Wood talked about the reason in the new issue of Soap Opera Digest. She said, “Steffy and Liam will always be connected, and this was a great opportunity for Brad Bell and his team to show the depth of Steffy and Liam’s true love. They slept together, but it was done in love, not lust. Liam thought Hope [Logan, Annika Noelle] had cheated. Did that give them the green light to sleep together? Not really, but I feel that their connection pulled them into it…”

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: ‘True Love’?

Personally, I don’t buy Liam and Steffy sleeping together out of “true love.” If it really were true love, they would be together. But Liam chose Hope and that’s who he still wants to be with. The only reason he slept with Steffy was to get back at Hope. It had nothing to do with love, it was about revenge and Steffy’s feelings were never even considered.

Now that Steffy is pregnant, all Liam cares about is that the baby is a threat to his relationship with Hope. And yes, Clifton used that exact phrase, the baby is a “threat.” That really doesn’t sound like the words of a man who acted out of “true love.”

Tell us what you think about this storyline. Are you disappointed that Steffy cheated on Finn? Do you buy the “true love” explanation for why the betrayal was necessary or could the “Steam” connection have been featured in another way?

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  1. Penny says

    I have watched bold and the beautiful as long as I can remember but this story line of not wanting anyone to be happy as done me in .. yeas I know its a soap opera but they could have left Liam and Hope and Steffi and Finn alone … ive watched Guiding light and As the world Turns And they never did this ive talked to people that watch General Hospital and others … make these stories believable and let people be happy or im done .. change this story line .. dont let Liam and Steffi have slept together .. make it Finns baby .. make their night a dream or something that really didn’t happen … yes it can be done .. thwy have done it before

  2. Daph says

    I hate this storyline you need to leave hope and Liam together and steffy and Finn together this is JUST BROOKE AND TAYLOR ALL OVER AGAIN its getting very boring move on to something new leave them alone this is getting DUMB AND BORING

  3. Sherry Boals says

    I have watched Bold from day one … im so upset that bell let Steffy and Liam have sex…but she also had sex with Finn. Steffy and Finn make a great couple .let the baby be finn’s and let Steffy and him get married..Liam needs to stay with hope wonder if that baby is his…. make it a boy ..then Liam can be jealous..Finn needs to set up boundaries for liam about coming over and walking in all the time… FINN AND STEFFY ALL THE WAY ….PLEASE MR BELL …

  4. sharon white says

    It was not love,just revenge,and he wasnt really considering any kind of sympathy refferring to steffy.

  5. Donna says

    This latest story line is absolutely horrible. If indeed the baby ends up being Liam’s not only me but most of the viewers are done. Bell lead us up to some exciting things happening in the coming episodes all to drop us a bombshell. Most of us were really excited for Steffy getting a new man but instead it’s the same ol’ crap that’s been floating back and forth in this soap for years. Soaps are suppose to be relaxing and enjoyable and a stress relieving 30 minutes but instead this has become the biggest stress inducing show of the year.

  6. sandra says

    Don’t like the idea of Liam & Steffy it would have been GREAT to finally have someone of her own beside of Kelly…….

  7. Momduxx says

    This was NEVER EVER about LOVE and them sharing a moment. GTFOH with that BS. We arent stupid! It was all about Lameboy getting revenge on HO HO for kissing Thomas. This BS revenge sex was DISGUSTING & our Strong azz STEFFY should have put a stop to it! Called that azz an UBER and sent him on his way! Sounds like Lame fed her some BS promises too which I dont understand how a smart woman like OUR Steffy would fall for. Was she really going to dump Finn for the waffle dream???? Once again DUMBbell screws the Steffy fans. If this is Lames kids, IM SO DONE WITH THIS BS show! Tired of all the back and forth. Lame needs to stay with HO HO PERIOD! What was the purpose of even bringing finn on the show??? I watch this show sporadically. It doesn’t matter whether I miss a few weeks or not bcuz its the same shyt, diff day.

  8. Deborah King says

    liam was drunk and in pain. keep steff with finn I was so excited to see someone who I think is more her type. No respect for LIam or steff for what they did. I would not stand for my husband spending so much time with his ex. there is a thing called you don’t have to spend time with your ex to spend time with your kid.

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