1000 Lb Sisters Spoilers: Should Tammy Apply Herself More To Get Weight Loss Surgery?

1000 Lb Sisters Spoilers: Should Tammy Apply Herself More To Get Weight Loss Surgery?1000 Lb. Sisters Spoiler suggests that Tammy Slaton claims to blame herself for her lack of progress in her weight loss journey, but does she? Tammy has proven that she can lose weight, however, she is also an emotional eater. Is Tammy’s problem that she doesn’t apply herself or does it go deeper than that?

Tammy Slaton Had Admitted To Having Emotional Issues

1000 Lb. Sisters’ Tammy has admitted to being an emotional eater. Tammy eats when she is upset by her family. Tammy eats when her boyfriend leaves town. Tammy eats when she fails at reaching her weight loss.

It’s not that Tammy doesn’t know to apply herself to her weight loss, her emotional issues often get the best of her and she self sabotages herself. The key element that is missing from Tammy’s journey is that she is not dealing with emotional issues. Most weight loss programs include therapy because most weight issues tie back to emotional problems.

Tammy Slaton Has Too Many Enablers

1000 Lb. Sisters’ Tammy orders some things herself. Tammy has an issue with ordering candy and other junk food online. Tammy also orders restaurant food too. However, Tammy cannot carry her packages into the house. Tammy cannot go to a restaurant and pick up food. Amy Slaton Halterman and her husband Michael Halterman go to the grocery store for Tammy.

Amy also picks up food from restaurants and brings food back to Tammy. How is Tammy supposed to lose weight if people bring her things she isn’t supposed to have? Tammy cannot lose weight as long as people continue to bring her things she is not supposed to have. However, Tammy also needs to learn to stop asking for these things as well.

Jerry Sykes Is A Bad Influence

1000 Lb. Sisters Jerry Sykes, Tammy’s internet boyfriend, eats nothing but junk food. Jerry will have chips, milkshakes, candy bars, etc. in front of Tammy knowing she will be tempted to try them. Jerry would go get fast food for Tammy when he was there as well. Amy had the nerve to complain about Jerry’s actions which are no different from her own. Now that Jerry is gone, Tammy admits to being upset over his departure. Tammy claims that “a part of me died when Jerry left.” Is Tammy putting too much into a relationship with a man that she barely knows?

1000 Lb Sisters Tammy needs to take responsibility for herself and be accountable for her actions. However, Tammy’s enablers need to own their part as well. Will Tammy ever get her weight loss surgery? Will Tammy deal with her issues so she can move forward?

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  1. Joyce says

    Tammy need to take responsible for her self.if Chris loses the weight he should go on and get the surgery. You can only help so much.That may help Tammy to if Amy and Chris did it so can she. It a made up mind.all of us blame others for our shortcomings.but we’re need to own up. I too can Afford to lose some weight.

  2. Pat says

    Tammy just expects everyone to wait on her and doesn’t even thank them. Michael and Chris push that gigantic body all over and it’s hurting them physically. Tammy needs to left to her own devices and then she’ll put the responsibility where it belongs, on her.

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