America’s Next Top Model Alum Lisa D’Amato Makes Some Serious Claims Against DWTS Tyra Banks

America’s Next Top Model Alum Lisa D’Amato Makes Some Serious Claims Against DWTS Tyra BanksNow this is something that she perhaps won’t want to talk about on the dance floor. America’s Next Top Model alum Lisa D’Amato recently went on the record to slam the show’s former host Tyra Banks for apparently using her childhood trauma against her. Here’s what Lisa has to say.

America’s Next Top Model Alum Lisa D’Amato Makes Some Serious Claims Against Tyra Banks

Just this past week, the 40-year-old reality television star posted an Instagram video in which she asked Tyra Banks to address the pain she inflicted on her and the other aspiring models on the show. Lisa accuses Tyra of using her personal struggles against her.

“This message is for Tyra Banks. Remember me? Hi. Lisa. Remember when I had an opportunity to ask you one question in season 5 — a modeling question — and I came in and asked you a question that wasn’t about modeling and you kicked me out?” D’Amato said in the clip. “Can I get that question back?”

Lisa went on to say that she risked being sued for breach of contract by opening up about her experience on America’s Next Top Model. Yet, that’s not stopping her from telling her truth and demanding the answers she wants to hear from Tyra, who is now the host of Dancing With The Stars.

Tyra Banks Is Keeping Quiet About The Allegations

“I did it knowing that this was a breach of contract, still, because I felt like it was my duty to warn other girls that were going to audition for America’s Next Top Model to know that what you guys do and the way that you guys would poke me and use my childhood trauma against me, day in and day out,” she said through tears.

Lisa added, “It was just so f–ked up, and it broke my heart. Like, how could you do that?”

She then went on to say that she doesn’t know how a person like Tyra Banks can sleep at night, knowing that she used to exploit models like Lisa and their past for television entertainment.

“You, Tyra, you knew very well the horrible trauma that my mom inflicted on me, and you also talk so much about how you wouldn’t be where you are without your mother and how powerful she is. So knowing that, you still did that to me and continued to do it to other girls, even after I spoke publicly about it,” she alleged.

So far Tyra herself has not made any comments about the allegations.

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