Dancing With the Stars News: Tom Bergeron Not Surprised He Was Dismissed

Dancing With the Stars News: Tom Bergeron Not Surprised He Was DismissedDancing With the Stars news fans were stunned when hosts Tom Berergon and Erin Andrews were cut from the show in favor of solo host Tyra Banks. It went down in Season 29 last fall of 2020 and now Tom is speaking out about what it felt like to be dismissed after years in the role.

He was interviewed by talk show host Vicki Abelson and among other things said that he was not surprised at his dismissal.

Dancing With the Stars News: Tom Bergeron Wasn’t Surprised About Being Fired

During the interview with Abelson, Bergeron stated that he saw the move coming because he was vocal when he disagreed with TPTB.

“The show had changed a lot for me starting in early 2008,” said Bergeron. “The show I left was not the show that I loved. We had very clear, sometimes public, differences of opinion about the new showrunner and some of the execs and happily, I was at a point in my life and career where I didn’t have to just shut up and take it.”

“I decided to go public with some concerns I had at that time and I think that set the stage for it. I kind of saw it coming.”

Dancing With the Stars News: Tom Bergeron Has Moved on From the ABC Show

Bergeron was not thrilled when President Trump’s former press secretary Sean Spicer was cast. He tweeted at the time that he had offered casting suggestions for Season 28, hoping there, “would be a joyful respite from our exhausting political climate and free of inevitably divisive bookings from ANY party affiliations. I left that lunch convinced we were in agreement.”

After the news of Spicer’s casting became public he told Sirius XM’s EWive that he did not want, “political lightning rods” on the show.


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Dancing With the Stars News: Tom Bergeron Was Upfront with the Show’s Management

He also went on to say that the show went, “in a different direction,” and that, “it is the prerogative of the producers, in partnership with the network, to make whatever decisions they feel are in the best long term interests of the franchise.”

Spicer wasn’t the only figure from the political world to compete on the show. In season nine in 2009 Representative Tom DeLay appeard and Bristol Palin was on seasons 11 and 15. Rick Perry appeared in season 23, and Tripp Johnston Palin was on Dancing With the Stars: Juniors in 2018.

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