General Hospital News: Nicolas Bechtel Shares COVID Update After Scary Test Results

General Hospital News: Nicolas Bechtel Shares COVID Update After Scary Test ResultsGeneral Hospital news reveals Nicolas Bechtel has had COVID-19 hit home this week. The young General Hospital cast member took to Twitter earlier this week and revealed that his sister had tested positive for the Coronavirus.

General Hospital’s Spencer Cassadine portrayer is very close with his older sister, who recently left home for college during the pandemic. Nicolas was open with his fans and social media followers about how hard it was to say goodbye to his sister as she went away to school, especially considering the state of affairs the world is in.

General Hospital News: Nicolas Bechtel Shares Scary COVID News

On February 2nd Nicolas shared with his Twitter followers that his sister had tested positive for COVID. The General Hospital fan fave wrote, “sad day for me. my sister, who is away at school, tested positive for Covid. she’s healthy and strong but she’s very sick and she’s alone. 7-10 days in isolation can’t be easy. please put some
positivity out there for her, i appreciate it”

Testing positive for COVID is everyone’s worst fear. But, being sick and alone and hours away from your family is even scarier. The good news is, Nicolas’ sister seems to be doing okay. Bechtel shared an update today on Twitter and the GH cast member revealed his sister appears to be doing better, and even sat outside and Facetimed her
family. He also thanked his fans for all of their support and well wishes.

GH Updates: Nicolas Bechtel Shares More Info On Sister’s Illness

General Hospital fans have been hoping to see more of Nicolas Bechtel as Spencer Cassadine on the ABC soap opera, but so far the teen star hasn’t made any inclination that he will be returning to daytime on a regular basis. Meanwhile, we will take his short visits and appearances, whenever they do come.

Do you hope to see more of Spencer on GH in the near future? Share your thoughts in the comments below and check back here for more General Hospital spoilers, updates, and Nicolas Bechtel news.

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