Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Wants Out, Kody Pushing To Be Monogamous Alienating Wives

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Wants Out, Kody Pushing To Be Monogamous Alienating WivesSister Wives spoiler and updates suggests that Christine Brown reveals to Meri Brown that she cannot do marriage with Kody Brown anymore. Kody seems to want to order his wives around instead of allowing them to help make their own life decisions. Could he secretly be trying to alienate his wives to practice monogamy with Robyn Brown instead?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Brown Is Fed Up

Sister Wives Christine has told Kody numerous times that she wants nothing to do with a family home. Christine is perfectly happy to live in her own home with her children and let Kody visit when he can. Christine did not like living together when they were in Utah. For Christine, Las Vegas meant freedom because she had her own home and didn’t have to share anything in her home with the other wives. Christine is also the most jealous of the four wives so adding Robyn to the family could easily be an issue with her.

Kody Brown Has No Filter

Sister Wives Kody recently chose to bring up Christine’s choices at a meeting with friends which did not sit well with her. Christine feels that she should not have to explain herself to people who do not live with their families. However, when they traveled to Utah to see the Darger family, Kody confronted Christine about her reluctance to have a single-family home. Kody seems to believe that Christine should feel the same at the Darger wives. Unfortunately, bringing this up in front of the family did not settle well and probably made Christine that much more against a single-family home.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Wants Out, Kody Pushing To Be Monogamous Alienating Wives

Sister Wives Updates – Kody Brown Seems Drawn To Robyn Brown More

Sister Wives Kody seems to be more drawn to Robyn Brown and their children as opposed to the other wives. Kody divorced Meri Brown to legally marry Robyn and adopt her children. Unfortunately, when Robyn came into the family, the family had to flee from Utah to avoid prosecution.

Christine has always had jealousy issues and Robyn joining the family while she was pregnant didn’t help. Imagine being in Christine’s place, ready to deliver your child while your husband is courting another wife. Christine faced an issue that neither Meri nor Janelle Brown had to deal with. Did Kody have plans to alienate his other wives in mind when he added Robyn to the family?

Sister Wives Kody seems like he would be perfectly happy to have Robyn and possibly Janelle as his wives without being bothered by Meri and Christine at all. Will the Brown family fall apart now that Christine wants to move back to Utah? Will Kody be left with no one but Robyn in the end?

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  1. Mary says

    I knew as soon as he married Robyn that everything would change and not for the good. Meri was his first wife and I thought he would stand by her but he didn’t. Like everybody is thinking he does show more for Robyn. He seems to be a little bossy to his wives, trying to tell them what to do, he is only married to one woman so the other ones don’t really have to do what he wants unless they want it too. I think the guy needs a hair cut it always looks a mess. I could probably go on and on about the show but I won’t now.

  2. MJ says

    I think we need to take up a collection to get him a haircut. It always looks greasy and dirty. Guess he needs a comb also.
    The 3 ladies need to leave him and start their own show called Kody Brown doesn’t love us anymore.

  3. Gerri says

    If Cody was gonna be with 4 woman who are very amazing by the way, then he should love all 4 of them. I feel sorry for Meri because he truly treats her like shes in his way and shows her no love. Cody get your life straight and quit stringing these beautiful woman along

  4. Ellen says

    I am with the haircut..he’s a mess. As for being the wives he’s evidently trying to push away , I would count myself as the lucky ones. Kody is a jerk

    1. Marietta Ballard says

      I agree his hair is a mess, he might as well face his baldness, the curls are a joke and he is a jerk. I would have stayed in LasVegas and told him to kiss off. I wouldn’t put up with his condescending attitude. Adios Kody!

  5. Judy says

    Polygamy marriages is settling, in their case, for a quarter of a loaf instead of a full loaf. I ve been watching since the beginning and always felt they were unhappy women and their religious (?) idea of marriage was like fitting a square peg in a round hole. Concept is all wrong. Meri and Christine should probably leave and Robin and Janelle can coexist as Sisterwives. Although Kody might start looking around for a third wife.

  6. Roberta says

    I never understood the show it’s not about religion. Never seen anyone go to Church at all. Kody is a womenizer for sure.

  7. Lucy R says

    I think the t.v. success went to their heads and they made poor choices. They seemed to be at their happiest when they all lived together in the one home. After they moved and all got their own houses seems they liked that life better. They were starting to show many cracks in all their relationships with Cody and the children. When forced to move again and leave family members it look like it was all falling apart. I get the sisterhood idea like always having friends to depend on but not sharing the husband. Although the show has afforded them many material things seems to me it cost them all their happiness.

  8. Laura says

    Oh where do I start? I’m with the majority of y’all who believes that Kody is loyal to Robin! I feel sad, and very upset with the way he treats Mary!! If Mary had not of divorced him , he would not of been allowed to marry Robin and adopt her children… from the very beginning he has treated Robin differently! I’m team Mary& team Christine and I pray they leave him on the curb because that’s where the trash goes ……I’m not the biggest jenelle fan at all and not sure what she contributes to the family….one day Kody will wake up and at least half of his wives will be gone……I do have a question! Why did they leave Vegas? I must of missed out on something..they were doing so well there and each had their own homes yet living next door to their sister wives….wake up Kody before it’s to late and you have to start all over again….
    Mary I said do you , run your B& B and other jobs and take Christine with you!

  9. Chyloe says

    I’d just like to say, Mary…you are getting the short end of this Union! You have been hurt so much in this family! Leave hon, you deserve a happier life. Make your life beautiful. You are one sweet, tender hearted lady. Run your B&B, live your life don’t be treated like your not worth anything!! You are worth so much more. God bless you hon.

  10. Peggy says

    I would have kicked that dude to the curb, many moons ago.

  11. Jamie Shaffer says

    It has always thought it’s crap that Kody can have 4 wives but the one time one of the wives jokingly asked what he would say if they wanted to add a husband, he freaked out. I love Mary, she needs to move on and be happy. He treats her like she has no worth in the family because her one and only child is grown and moved out. He’s such an ass and conceited ,controlling jerk.

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