Sister Wives Spoilers: Maddie Brown Brush Takes Exam

Sister Wives Spoilers: Maddie Brown Brush Takes ExamSister Wives spoilers revealed that Maddie Brown Brush has continued on with her education, even though she has a lot going on in her home right now. With two children, she has her plate full, but she continues to push on. With her daughter, Evie being diagnosed with FATCO syndrome, things have been tough on Maddie, but with the support of her husband and family, she is doing really well for herself.

Maddie Shares With Fans

Maddie has been pretty open with her fans about how hard life has been lately. She posted on February 16 on Instagram telling her fans, “I finished my second bio exam last night. I feel like I am re-emerging into society after having my head in my book.” We are not sure what Maddie is going to school for, but some think that it could be for law, while others think that she could be going for education. She has not mentioned it yet.

In Utah, Maddie had started college and was studying law. She ended up dropping out of law school, but has decided that getting her education is what she wants to do no matter where she is living. Right now, she is the primary homemaker, with her husband Caleb Brush working full time. Being a mother, homemaker, and student has a lot of responsibility and it seems like they are making it work together.


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Does Maddie Work Too?

We have seen Maddie mention having a part-time job and many think that she either does marketing online or has an online business like Christine and Meri Brown do, but we are not too sure what it is she does. Caleb is working full time and Maddie often shares photos of him helping out with the kids while she is studying.

This little family works together really well and we are really proud of how much Maddie does these days. We know going back to college is a big deal and we really hope that she is doing well in her classes.

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