Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Explains Complicated Marriage To Kody Brown

Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Explains Complicated Marriage To Kody BrownSister Wives spoilers reveal that Meri and Kody Brown are going to have a tough time this season with their marriage. Meri and Kody have been married for 30 years and the couple has been through a lot together. They have quite the complicated relationship and fans are worried that their marriage is about to end.

Meri Explains Her Marriage

Fans of Sister Wives are happy about the new season, airing February 14 on TLC, but the trailers show us a lot of drama in the Brown family. Meri tells cameras, “We are in a place where we’re just figuring out where we are and, you know, what is happening.” The couple got married in 1990 and she is Kody’s first wife.

Kody and Meri welcomed Janelle Brown into their marriage in 1993, then Christine Brown in 1994, and lastly Robyn Brown in 2010. Kody and his wives have 18 children between the five of them. Things have been going well with Kody and Robyn, but the other wives are at their wit’s end with him.

Meri Tries Another Relationship

Many fans think that in 2015, when Meri tried to get involved with another man, their relationship started to go downhill. Meri got online and started dating a man that she was very close with. She ended up getting catfished by this woman and she went public about it. She told her fans that she was emotionally scarred from this and this is when we saw Kody and Meri’s marriage changing.


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The scandal rocked the Brown family and in 2018, we all found out that Kody really didn’t want to be intimate with Meri anymore. It seems as if he is feeling that once again from what we have seen on the trailer of the new season.

Meri Reflects on Marriage

Meri told fans, “I can’t make him love me.” In the trailer for the new season, Kody tells cameras, “Romance and sex are saved for people who are in love. If Meri and I really wanted to be together, we would.”

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