1000 Lb Sisters Spoilers: Amy Halterman Calls Sister Tammy Slaton’s Boyfriend An Alcoholic

1000 Lb Sisters Spoilers: Amy Halterman Calls Sister Tammy Slaton’s Boyfriend An Alcoholic1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers suggest that Tammy Slaton and sister Amy Halterman may have clashed yet again over Tammy’s boyfriend, Jerry Sykes. Is Jerry not only an enabler but an alcoholic as well?

Amy Halterman Isn’t Holding Back

It is no secret that 1000 Lb. Sisters’ Amy does not like Tammy’s boyfriend, Jerry. Jerry has been enabling Tammy for months causing her to backslide on her diet and putting Tammy’s life in danger. Tammy was told by Dr. Proctor that she wouldn’t live five years if she didn’t lose enough weight to get the surgery done. Tammy has a food addiction and Jerry continues to feed that addiction.

Jerry has been seen several times not only eating junk food in front of Tammy but going out to get fast food and milkshakes for her as well. Amy was shocked when Jerry showed up in Kentucky to visit Tammy but quickly realized that he was not better than Tammy’s other internet romances.

Jerry Talks About Amy Behind Her Back

1000 Lb. Sisters’ Jerry has talked about Amy behind her back and even refers to her as crazy. Amy may not act the way Jerry believes she should be she does care more about her sister than he does apparently. Amy has tried all through her pregnancy to continue to help Tammy with her weight loss.

Tammy and Amy’s half-brother Chris Combs even joined the journey with Tammy. However, Chris was approved for surgery and Tammy gained over one hundred pounds in a matter of months, largely with Jerry’s help. Jerry seems to think that Tammy’s siblings, especially Amy are trying to run Tammy’s life more than they are helping her.

1000 Lb Sisters Spoilers: Amy Halterman Calls Sister Tammy Slaton’s Boyfriend An Alcoholic

Jerry Sykes Photo Causes Rift

1000 Lb. Sisters’ Jerry set Amy off when he posted a photo with a large amount of alcohol. Amy quickly told Jerry that he had an alcohol problem and needed to go to an AA meeting. Jerry claims that the alcohol was purchased for a graduation party and that he doesn’t have a problem.

Of course, Jerry doesn’t admit to enabling Tammy either. Jerry doesn’t seem to want to take responsibility for anything he does. However, someone had to be held accountable when he is helping Tammy to slowly kill herself.

Tammy and Jerry seem to have split up at the moment and she is in a nursing facility to help with her weight loss. Perhaps without Jerry’s influence, Tammy can get the surgery she so desperately needs.

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