1000-Lb. Sisters Spoilers: Amy Slaton Reportedly Planning Funeral for Tammy

1000-Lb. Sisters spoilers and updates reveal after making some progress months ago, Tammy Slaton is back to gaining weight after contracting Covid-19. As she struggles not to emotionally eat her feelings and stress, Amy Slaton is sadly preparing for her sister’s funeral.

At first, the two sisters were losing weight together and putting in a solid effort. Amy Slaton was successful enough to lose the weight and undergo weight loss surgery. As fans know she even was able to get pregnant and give birth to her son, Gage.

1000-Lb. Sisters Spoilers – Amy Slaton Is Thriving While Tammy Slaton Is Sinking

But now it seems all of this may have possibly contributed to Tammy’s failures. With her sister doing so well and Tammy struggling alone, it appears she has given up and lost all motivation. Recently, Amy bought her sister a meal plan to help her with her diet. Tammy ate more than two dozen meals in just a few days, infuriating Amy.

As fans will recall, Tammy’s doctors warned her life wouldn’t be long for her if she continued to stay at her current weight, never mind gaining weight. It seems after losing 50 pounds, Tammy has since gained 100 pounds. She now weighs 665 pounds, creating more problems for herself and her health.

1000-Lb. Sisters Spoilers: Amy Slaton Reportedly Planning Funeral for Tammy

Is Amy Slaton Giving Up?

Now, after trying to help by buying her sister healthy foods and checking in with her, Amy is being forced to prepare for what may happen to her sister. Amy and her brother, Chris, are at a loss as to what to do with their sister. The pair talked about the two plots left next to where their mother is buried and how it will most likely be for Tammy.

Chris, who struggles with his weight, also tried to encourage Tammy. The two met with a personal trainer who shared some tips on how to work out. At the time, Tammy showed promise but since then things have all gone down hill. Also battling depression, Tammy just cannot seem to turn things around.

1000-Lb. Sisters Updates – Tammy Slaton’s Depression Is Getting Worse

Tammy also recently fought with the producers of 1,000 lb. Sisters after they urged her to appear in clips for the show following the birth of her nephew, Gage. At the time, Tammy had covid-19 and did not feel well. Her response made her look terrible in the public’s eyes as she didn’t seem to care about Gage’s birth. As she later explained, she was feeling terrible at the time. However, the incident only fueled her depressive state even more.

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  1. Gloria says

    Hi my name is Gloria I must say you girls are truly inspirational I myself have problems with weight gains my mother had bypass back in 1973 , she lost over 100 lbs . I’m 63 and weight 295 and 5 foot tall ,I enjoy watching you girls because finally something I can relate to not no toothpick trying to act like she overweight.
    But the true struggle of what life is when you’re overweight.Tammy please be strong I’m here for you all the way you can beat this. Amy congratulations having a baby is the greatest moments in life beside grand kids.kerp up with all the hard work. I’ll be see you ❤️

  2. Amy says

    Tammy, I want you to know that there is a lot of us fans pulling for you to get better! We dont want you to be sick!! We want you to get back to your funny self! Lose that weight you need to!
    I have enjoyed watching you an your sister get though all this weight lose! Why, because it is hard, I have cheered you both in to get better! That’s what I want for both of you!!
    Work together on this! There is a little guy that needs both of you!
    Cheering you on in Indiana!!

    1. B.Hunt says

      Praying for you Tammy. Just pray and adk God to help you. You can make it. Hope you get well soon. Family Tammy need support even more. Depression has kicked in. Show her Love in all direction. Love you Tammy. We are winmers!!

  3. Kelly Combs says

    Tammy sending you love and prayers you have a million fans praying I had my byeractic all 400 staples 21 years ago there is a light at right fight girl fight like you never before they can. Knock you down but they cant knock out any congratulations gadgets is the cutest jelly ever bean ever hurry up loosing you lbs we
    Need a little girl

  4. Jeannette Wilson says

    I am in total agreement with Piers Morgan about Meghan Markle. She totally acted that whole interview with Oprah. I think she should leave the whole Royal family alone including Harry and go back to her terrible acting career.

  5. Krista Huston says

    Thats sad hope things turn around for her

  6. Jessie Coleman says

    Love you Tammy

  7. Mary says

    Come on Tammy girl! I’ve watched you and your sister from the beginning. Its so dang hard not to do the thing that lets us escape from all of it! But honestly…I’ve seen the stubborn streak in you..I KNOW that once you make up your mind and decide..you’ll pass your sister in leaps and bounds in weight loss! I’m pulling for you and prayin for you to hit that wall and say…”watch me mfr’s” GO Girl!!

  8. Rosa says

    I’m praying for you Tammy. Get well really soon. We all miss you And I’m praying for you too Amy,because I know you love your Sister. Ain’t nothing like the love of a Sister.

  9. Jamie says

    Tammy you have been such an inspiration to me and so many other woman I know. Please show us the Amy we all love to see strive to succeed. You’ve made me laugh through my own struggles with my weight. I started working hard to lose weight after seeing your show and knowing you could do it…I could too. It has not be easy at all. I have several friends who also have said what a big impact you girls have had on them. Just stay strong. Do not give up…we love you so much! Praying that God gives you the strength you need…be faithful and his love is unfailing

  10. Rhonda says

    You can do this Tammy. I was having trouble losing my own weight when my own sister and I tried to lose weight TOGETHER. I only lost my weight when. I realized weight loss is NOT a competition with anyone else except MYSELF. That’s when I lost my weight. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else and watch what happens…God bless you.

  11. Marti Midd says

    Come on Tammy.YOU CAN DO THIS. I am praying for you. Fight for your life.

  12. Cindy says

    You can do this Tammy! You have a lot of fans out there! You’re a good person and funny too. Depression is hard but please get help. We want to see you live for MANY more years!! You can’t see into the future but you need to do this so you can look back and be proud of yourself for what you’ve accomplished. I know you can do this! We love you.

  13. Lisa Tatum says

    Tammy you can do it, have faith in yourself and don’t give up. Family is everything and they are trying to help you, they are not attacking or fussing with you. Please except their help, they love you as do your fans. Stay strong . You can do it can’t wait to see you achieve you goal. Gage needs to grow and meet his aunt.

  14. Andrea says

    Tammy my name is Andrea girl I’m telling you you got this and there’s nothing you can’t do yes you had a hard childhood and yes I did to to the point if my mom was alive today she would be in jail for meant all and physical abuse not to mention attempted murder or at least that’s the way I think when I was younger but anyway I know it’s very hard to lose I have been on this journey for awhile and yes I’ve lost and yes I’ve gained but I’m not quitting and me looking at you , you don’t look like a quitter would it be better if you had someone to be with you 24\7 and you both work on it anything is worth a try and if you want to chat any time please do not I mean it do no hesitate please reach out I’m willing to talk we can Facebook messenger anything to help im

  15. Rhonda says

    Tammy nothing in this world matters but you. We all go through things in life. Love yourself and never give up on you. Your a beautiful person never forget that.

  16. Kathy says

    Tammy myself and my daughter watch you girls and commend you on what your doing you are actually helping me fight because you give me the reason I don’t talk in front of others forget me being on tv or at a gym nope to many people out there judge others I am begging you no to give up fight cause with you showing me your doing makes me want to do it love you girls

  17. Rev V Matthews says

    Tammy please please please get help I have never met you but I love you Tammy I feel for you pray and ask GOD to give you the strength to lose that weight faith believing you can do it you have lots of people rooting for you beloved sister peace and blessings all the best.

  18. Jessandra says

    Hello Tammy I’m a big fan of yours and Amy’s I just want to let you know you can do this I know it’s hard but you just have to keep your head up and keep on pushing I believe in you
    Much love
    Jessandra Howard

  19. Ruby Spurlock Turner says

    I actually reached out to you Tammy on Facebook in messanger . i know all all what you are going through im praying for wish i could talk to you in person Ive had two Gastric bypass surguries and I know how the depression and all can be I love you keep the faith

  20. Terry Rickwell says

    Sending prayers to Amy and family Losing a family member especially a sister is devastating be strong Amy the world is thinking about you.

  21. Jerri Aldave says

    Tammy lose weight

  22. Pat Post says

    Tammy, I am praying for you. Little Gage needs his favorite Auntie to play with and love on him. Stay strong. You can do it, Girlfriend. Pray.

  23. Jesse says

    You girls are inspiration im fat and get bast it i know how it’s plus I have an eating disorder so its all good if you just try to keep a positive attitude its doesn’t have to be your weight its can be amazing fests from that and 1 last thing lots of love……

  24. Kelly Udell says

    Tammy I believe in you and want you to loose weight. You are a super person and I love to watch your show. Please get your self healthy for YOU ,your family and your fans.

  25. Lorraine Burleigh says

    Hello Tammy i am 4 ft 11 inches tall abd my current weight is 222 i am turning 53 in i am trying to 2 days i have lost 8 lbs since being on my diet it is hard but i know you can get through this. Im want to weigh 122 by jan 22 so keep. With girl we can do it!.

  26. Kim says

    Tammy Please get help your sister and new nephew will be lost without you! Im sure you want to be there for them as Gage grows up! Tammy I have confidence you can do this! You may a stubborn like me but both of us can do this for our health! There is so many if us in this boat lets fight against this big food business making us sick and lets LIVE! Please, for you, your sister, your nephew, your fans! Theres probably even a mr. right out there for you somewhere! we love you and your so funny! cmon girl! your beautiful inside and out lets show the world! Please! I beg you just put down the food! I getcha but im together with you on this!

  27. Kim says

    dont let your sister plan your funeral, thats too sad! wake up and me too..lets beat this big food addictive business making us sick! we can do it gurl, please! I beg you!

  28. Brenda says

    Amy and Tammy I love watching your show .I cannot wait till the next week.Please Tammy Lose your weight I worry about you ❤️I know how hard it is I have fought it all my life .praying for you and Amy your baby boy is so precious.Love you girls from Chattanooga Tennessee

  29. Angie says

    Amy & Tammy,
    Amy, Congratulations on Gage, he is precious! If you will give me an address or PO. Box I’d love to send hom something. You are doing great on your weight loss. Keep it up!

    Tammy, Don’t give up! You can do it! Your life really depends on it. I had alot of ups and downs before my gastric bypass. And that was about 17 years ago. But it really changed my life and it will yours too.

  30. Patricia says

    Tammy you can do this! Just believe! The beginning is the hardest but ride it through. If you backslide a little get right back to it- no excuses. I’ve lost a substantial weight before- you can really live a good ice if you do this! Everybody is pulling for you with your quirky, funny personality! Please do this weight loss thing!

  31. Sarah says

    Tammy you are not alone there are a lot of people who suffer from really bad depression. I have seen your show with your sister and I enjoy watching the both of you laughing at each other. You are both very pretty and smart women. I am truly sorry that you are struggling with Covid 19 right now. Congratulations Amy on delivering a baby boy. I am really happy for you and your husband. Tammy you are an Aunty and when you get better you can go and see him and spend time with him yea. I am an Aunty
    too and I spend time with my niece and nephew every chance I get. I also suffer from major depression disorder and anxiety. I also struggle with my weight too I used to weigh 135 pounds in high school and now I weigh 194.5 pounds now. I had a grandmother who struggled with weight gain and she lost the weight and gained all her weight back. My grandmother passed away from complications. I have an aunt right now who is struggling with her weight too. She has a bunch of health problems. My mom brought it to my attention to loose weight or keep on gaining and then get unhealthy and pass away. So I changed my life around now. I have a personal trainer who is helping me loose weight and execerise. And he is also helping me read food labels and I have been looking at food labels now to see what is healthy and not healthy. I have been execerising more now than I ever have done. I also have a physcatirst who is helping me with my mood and he has put me on some antidepressant medications. And it all has been helping me get back to a healthier me. Please seek help with your depression and with your weight. You want to be around for your nephew to teach him things. And Gage would like to get to know you when he is growing up. Please don’t die you are a special person and there is help out there for you. I don’t want you to die. I am sorry to hear that you are not in a good space right now. Good luck with everything and take care of yourself. You can do this Tammy all of your fans and family is here for you and we all want to see you get better. I know it is hard and I understand where you are coming from I struggle too with my weight and with depression too. No more life support for you. I want you to fight and get better you have a nephew and family who cares and loves you wants you to
    get better. So fight Tammy you can do this.

  32. Angeline E Brown says

    Dear Tammy I love watching your show and I love all of you. Please listen to the doctor as I would miss you so much. You are beautiful inside and out. There are people depending on you. Please help us to understand Blessings and prayers for you. Blessings ❤️

  33. Paula says

    Tammy you fight back! Amy loves and needs you and you have to do it for Gage. He needs his aunt and you need to share his life with him. Love you and I know you can do it because I overcame so much in my life including depression but I fought back for all the ones that love me but mostly for myself.

  34. Susan says

    I watch this show all the time. Amy, congratulations on your weight loss and your new baby gage. You have a beautiful family. I don’t feel sorry for Tammy because she had so many chances. She does not try at all. She seems like she dosen’t care if she dies. You have got to live your life with your beautiful family. She is going to drive you crazy. I’ll keep your family in my prayers.

  35. Sheila Thompson says

    Keep praying we are praying for you and your family

  36. Mary says

    Tammy you have to fight for your life because you are important and loved by so . many . We love you see you and your sister on your journey on weight loss you also inspire me on my weight loss as well. I pray for you and your sister that you both can succeed on your weight loss and get healthy . Your sister needs you and she loves you so much Tammy . Please get well soon. God bless you you both. Mary .G

  37. Maria Mendez says

    Praying for you Tammy, we all know you can come out of this depression, do it for that beautiful little boy. God bless you and Amy for being there for you all this time.

  38. Tammy O says

    I hope tammy can lose the weight. I suffer with my weight also. And i know it cause alot of health issues.

  39. Sharon Rhodes says

    We love to watch you and I love your sense of humor. Please get well and I pray that you will get the weight loss you need to survive. I miss my sisters so much and you remind me of one of them and she had your sense of humor. Love ya girl !!!

  40. Jeanie says

    Keep trying girls & never give up. We all love to eat and it is very very hard to cut back. Keep in mind we are all pulling for you. Gage is so precious!!!!

  41. Samantha says

    I love this show and feel horrible for Tammy’s situation. Being on a television show where there are people who judge and say mean things, this is the last thing she needs. I hope for Tammy’s sake she doesn’t do another season. Shes a depression eater!! This show will only make her worse. Best wishes to Tammy! I pray for you hun.

  42. Versie says

    God be with you Tammy!

  43. Tammy Sue says

    Tammy you are loved by so many don’t let depression get you down we all seem to go through depression but we have to finally get up look up and move forward!! Praying for you sweetie!! You can do this one day at a time every day look in the mirror and tell yourself I’m somebody I’m worth everything and I’m loved so it every single day then believe it it’s true much love Tammy!!

  44. Beth says

    Just want to say I really enjoy watching you and your family you are a inspiration. I will continue to pray for your sister. Thank you for letting us into your home and family.

  45. Julie B says

    Tammy, God loves you and so do so many people! You are an inspiration to so many people. Please don’t give up. You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. Just make up your mind and take it one day at a time. Praying for you, sweet girl.

  46. Carol says

    Tammy you are loved by your sister and Brother.Please get back on track.To loose the weight.so you can get your surgery done.please get up and excerize.I know it hurts bad.Please do it.

  47. Peggy Shaw says

    Tammy I love yours and Amy’s show please come back

  48. Marshawnda Stallworth says

    I’m praying for you Tammy I love you

  49. Rebecca says

    Tammy I love the show what nights does it come on now praying you get better soon would love to meet you to in person love the show get well soon

  50. Jamey says

    Tammy I’m praying for you sweetie don’t give up keep pushing u can do this

  51. Kisha says

    Tammy you got this,dont give up now you worked to heard to stop now!!!

  52. Deidra Johnson says

    Amy, first of all..I’m so proud of you for kidding that weight and becoming a mother. Congrats!!! Tammy, girl u need to get it together. Your stronger than you’re giving yourself credit for. You have your siblings who love u so much and a nephew that needs u, that u have to stop pittying yourself and get motivated like I know you can do. Nobody can help you but yourself and right now you’re your own worst enemy and you seriously have to fight harder. Once it’s too late the only people who suffer is your family and that’s not fair to them. So please stop feeling like you’ll never lose weight bcz u can just put your mind to it and just do it. Its not going to be easy…its going to be hard as hell but in the long run it’ll be so worth it…I’m paying foryou but I’m especially passing for your siblings..Amy and Chris bcz their the ones who have to bury you if you don’t get it together and fast… You can do this…i have faith in you but don’t expect anybody to do it for you. Just work for it and don’t worry about nothing else but getting yourself well. Ill be waiting and watching you guys. I love you all…I’m here for u if u need to talk.

  53. Ana Rosa Argueta says

    I know it’s hard cuz I’m about to get surgery on june 21 got tired of the stares and not able to walk or be healthy girl you can do this I saw your show and you and your sister motivated me I was 390/went down to 360 if I did it you can do it i wish I can meet you and give you a big hug and maybe we can have dinner I’ll cook yous a puerto rican diet meal

  54. Melissa jaggers says

    Tammy stay strong you got this i live in Kentucky and you gave me moviation to loose weight. Don’t give up girl you’re so beautiful show the world you’re true beauty.. The weight isn’t gonna go away over night i got a little to loose to so i know you get down and depression is true hell…
    You got your sister amy supporting you…i lost my sister i give anything to hear her voice trust me lean on amy let her help you i love watching you guys… Celebrate every pound loss it doesn’t matter big or small help me keep going in this weight loss battle we can do it..later Melissa….

  55. Pamela Ehrenfeld says

    Hi sisters
    My sister and I we are just like y’all both need to lose weight when we try and then we give up and then we try again Tammy you don’t need to give up you need to keep going you give me inspiration to do this and I am getting it from you and your sister so you have to be a role model for us show us that you can do it and maybe me and my sister can’t believe that we can do it so please get yourself together and try to exercise what you can I know how hard it is cause I’m overweight and it’s hard for me just just be A blessing to everybody thank you no it should be thank y’all for giving us a show to watch and then enjoy it bye for now Pamela

  56. Gloria Ramirez says

    Hi Tammy u have so many fans that luv u. Shake off your depression an turn it into losing weight u can do this. I also have depression so I know it’s hard. Start off by saying u r going to lose 3 pounds then 5 pounds. These are realistic numbers. Unlike saying I need to lose 300-400 lbs u know u can’t do it. Plz try again Tammy don’t give up. Your family needs u we need u. You could be a Big success story to thousands of other people that are in the same situation u r in. My prayers are with u. God Bless j

  57. Shanell says

    Awe, Tammy never give up you are a beautiful person and have way to much life to live , the one good thing is tomorrow comes you can start on the right foot again . We are pulling for you surviving COVID 19 is huge , Wishing you Health and Happiness always . Love from Connecticut ❤️❤️❤️

  58. Dwanna Williams says

    Come on here Ms Spicy…We love you and wish you much happiness.
    Tammy there is so much to live for, family is one of the greatest blessings that God gives us.
    I wish you much peace.

  59. Brenda says

    Hey there you two lovely Queen’s baby keep your Head up when she get ready you will honey God has y’all ( keeping everybody in pray from ( Sardis Mississippi the dirty south. Love my girls kiss Gage for me god bless and be safe .

  60. Erin Bruggeman says

    I will be praying for you Tammy then I know it is hard to lose weight but I have been trying to lose weight

    1. Linda Robertson says

      Youcan do this girl I beenthere t oo prayers for you and Amy ,don’t leave your family they need you Linda R.

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