1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Chris Combs Talks About Season 3 Of The TLC Show

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Chris Combs Talks About Season 3 Of The TLC Show1000-lb Sisters spoilers and updates reveals while on the show, we hear Chris Combs loud and clear talk about his determination to shed off some weight from his obese body. Well, before he visited a weight loss specialist for the first time, Chris Combs said he cared less about how much weight he needed to shed. After all, the numbers on the scales were just mere numbers and nothing more. With his continuous talk and self-determination on the reality show, he said he wasn’t going to permit his current size, and the tough journey to living a healthy life prevent him from achieving his goals.

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers – Chris Combs’ Revelation

Our star celebrity from the 1000-lb Sister’s recently revealed the huge motivation behind wanting to shed weight from his obese body. Chris Combs made it known to the fans and viewers of 1000-lb Sister’s show that he is exhausted in relying on his wife for the basic things he should ordinarily do by himself.

He talked about his recent marriage, daughter, work, wife, and the difficulties he has been putting her through since they got married. For him, keeping up the pace with his younger wife and not depending on her for things he should do by himself is enough motivation to shed off weight. He said he wants to be able to put on his socks by himself and help out with other house chores without being compelled or assisted in doing them.

An Inspirational Model for His Daughter

Chris Combs wants to be an inspiration to his lovely daughter so that she can shed off some weight and not journey to becoming like him in the future. He is hopeful that his success story will inspire and equip her to start making a healthier choice for herself. Talking about his success story, Chris Combs isn’t only journeying on the weight loss program to be healthy; he is also taking out time to help other people find a source of living. At the moment, he is managing a McDonald’s franchise in his neighborhood but also striving to fix people in certain positions in the company.

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Chris Combs Talks About Season 3 Of The TLC Show

The 1000-lb Sister’s Star Walks away from His Family

When Chris Combs was discussing with his half-sister (Tammy Slaton), he realized that she isn’t making lots of progress with her health journey. After finding out that she’s added 50-lb extra within two days to her current weight, he became shocked and disgusted.

However, he kept encouraging her to eat right and shed off weight from her obese body not until Amy Slaton disclosed that Tammy had consumed 30 meals from a popular delivery service around the neighborhood within two days. The duo got into an argument when he told her that he (Chris Combs) has been approved for a weight loss surgery. Tammy Slaton unwilling to work on herself and stay healthy gets Chris angry. So, he walks away from her.

1000-lb Sisters Updates – Chris Combs Talks about the Season 3

Our star celebrity from the 1000-lb sisters’ show; Chris Combs – while talking to the fans unintentionally let out a major secret about this year’s reality show. From his end, it seems that they are currently working on filming 1000-lb sisters season 3. He tagged his sisters after sharing the post on his social media page and it looked like Tammy and Amy Slaton will star in this year’s season.

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